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Somewhat of a trivial spill off of thought on this post today. I have a few particulars among groceries that I'm hooked on to personally, and definitely need them on a daily to weekly basis to function right,  They're a pack of iced tea mix by nestle Which Used to cost around Rs. 150($2.24) /pack  when I started binging on it, and its been hiked up to a measly Rs.165(2.47) for no real reason, just a new package design, redesigned symbol, thats about it. They kinda sorta disappeared from the market for a long time before the hike too. The other important product is a  tiny 100mL tub of fruit Yoghurt, which was my go to among a wide variety of other options because, one it only cost Rs.25 ($0.37)  and I could grab around four easily and go though them slowly as the week goes by, but now the same little thing has been pushed upto Rs.30($0.45) which Still isn't all that expensive but now its just the same as all the other options I have and another ten rupees would get me something with higher macro numbers. 

Where I'm going with this is how the cost of living is just on an endless raise if we were to put it on a graph. Now for those of you who'd go " No you dumb child, taxes, gst, new budget announcements probably pushed them up", not really. The gst system came into play literally a millennia ago with plenty of people exploiting them loopholes, a few revisions and corrections to make us common men rant a tad bit less about the new taxation laws here. ( They kinda sorta failed, though they suggested them as an alternative to "help" everyone, especially the people in the lower economy brackets, but nope. Huge damn fail. Nvm that, Ill take up that rant some other time.) 

When someone tells me about how the cost of clothing is much inexpensive in any other country outside and how they'd get like 3 pieces of a said shirt at the cost of one here, I feel like they're talking about unicorns and rainbows. The whole concept of lower cost of living is hard to wrap around my head. 

Like how does an economy of a "Developing" country get to a point where the government stops taking a lot out of your pockets and insteads says, here ya go m8, thanks for being a part of this growing economy thus far, save yourself some green and buy yourself a sleazy new car or a poolside apartment. 

For any of ya'll that would get all butt hurt for not seeing the " Technical aspect" of the said subject, Im sorry, Im but a simple man, I have simple needs, and those needs sometimes skip over technicals because either is sounds like a load of bs or its too complex for my pea brain to process, You're welcome to school me as you please. ( By school I mean educate, by educate I mean simplify them so my little processor can understand without blowing up too quickly.)

There goes another simple rant. Farewell unto thee, till I find another subject to rant about.

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

The gst system came into play literally millenia ago with plenty of people exploiting them loopholes, a few revisions and corrections to make us common men rant a tad bit less about the new taxation laws here.
It should be millennia instead of millenia.

bwahah, I shall correct it! Thank you grammernazi !

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