What you should not do in Lockdown

in #india7 months ago

The Government of India on 24th March ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting movement as a preventive measure against the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. India's population is around 1.3 billion, and keeping everyone at home is a very tough task, though the government handled it very well.


This lockdown does not mean curfew, you can still go out to buy medicine and groceries. It's advisable that only 1 person per family should go out and also not on a daily basis.

I have a family of 3 stays near my house, yesterday the man went to a shop to buy a hair dye. The shopkeeper handed him the packet and said that you shouldn't come to the market if you do not have any critical requirements. The man started abusing verbally saying he is no one to tell him about the rules of lockdown.

This is what, you should not do in a lockdown. It's our duty to support the government to fight this battle, they are fighting for us and thus they want us to stay home and only come out of the home when its very necessary like getting medicines or groceries.

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