Stay Human in the time of Corona Crisis

in #india7 months ago

There are newspaper reports of people getting detected with Covid-19 and how because of them, other people are getting infected. But they don't understand that the infected person will not know if they are infected with a virus or not. It's easy to blame, these papers don't realize that tomorrow any one of us can be a carrier.

Yesterday there was a report that a Kolkata man came from London was tested positive after 3 days and people started blaming him because he was the first case in Kolkata. They even threatened to kill him on Social Media. Instead of blaming him we must remain humane in these difficult times. What we as an Indian or anyone can do is to maintain Social Distancing, this is the only way we can stop the virus.

PC :

Doctors said that not everyone has to wear a mask, but I would suggest wearing a handkerchief at least and wash it every day with Dettol or any disinfectant, this is just a way to protect yourself and your family. Also, you should stop going out for unnecessarily, its not a joke anymore.

We should take an example from Italy, we can stop this virus if every one of us do our part. One man can do a diffence. Stay Human and Be Safe

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