In Quarantine - Eat Healthy or Eat Right

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So more or less everyone is in Quarantine where we get a very limited supply of groceries, now in these times what you will prefer Eat Healthy or Eat right to remain in shape. Many a time we hear people say that I eat healthy foods like fruits, soups or salads, even though I am gaining weight. While it's true that these are healthy foods and its good for health for everyone which provides us with nutrients. But in these difficult times, first of all you will not get these healthy foods often, even though you get it, it's not safe to assume that they are healthy because most of these foods come from cold storage.

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So what I am trying to say here is that instead of focusing on Eat Healthy in these uncertain times, you need to adjust your eating habits to Eat Right. Eat the right means to adjust your nutrients as per the goal. A good diet should contain a variety of foods which include protein, fruits, veggies, grains, dairy, dry fruits, etc. What I meant to say here is that you need to eat everything but try to keep your calorie in check. Keeping Healthy means you eat healthy foods, but keeping your weight in check means you need to eat as per the energy balance.

So, for me to remain on the same weight, I need to eat around 2000 Calories. I make sure that I do have a glass of milk in the morning along with Cornflakes or Museli which has around 300 Calories. I also eat grains so that I don't lack the protein which my body needs.

So, What are you eating In Quarantine?

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