A Huge Jump in Indian Market amid Coronavirus

in #india7 months ago

Today (7th April 2020), BSE Sensex jumps around 9 percent which is a big relief for all the investors. It is the biggest one day jump after May 2009 i.e. after 11 years. Being a small-time investor, it's always a feel-good factor to see your holdings go up. I was mainly investing in Financial and got a big hit last month and my portfolio was down around 30%. Today my portfolio rose around 9%.

Though I am investing in Mutual Funds from the last 3-4 years, I have started the stocks trading or rather investing from this year itself. Along with getting a hit, I am not worried because I know in 3-4 months the market will bounce back and you will see everything in green. All the top investors are saying that you should invest some amount now with a time horizon of 3-4 years after keeping sufficient liquidity for any emergencies.

I basically have 3 stocks as of now in my portfolio, in which HDFC bank has got a big hit. Though I am optimistic that in the future it will give me good returns. I have added few SBI Cards share last Friday because the price seems to be good for long term.


Along with the above stocks, I am keeping my eye on these below stocks and will be getting those as and when I will have some money.


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