India Water Crisis

in india •  6 months ago

I found this article too interesting not to post about …

Taps are dry, toilets closed, schools closed, and only water is from water trucks

India is in the worst water crisis in their history … 600 million Indians face “high to extreme water stress” with 200,000 dying each year because they can’t get a clean supply. Omg!

An estimated 21 major cities will exhaust their groundwater supplies within two years


The loss rate across India is even worse: 50% of the country’s usable water leaks from pipes or wasted, especially by farmers, who irrigate their fields in highly inefficient ways by flooding crops with vast quantities of water.

There is a lack of vision, and an “anarchic situation in water management”

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This post is a contribution to humanitarian campaign. Good post @clumsysilverdad

And then there is the problem with flooding, there is too much dirty water and less drinking water from a lot of pollution people do in India. Citizens needs to be concerned about the environment and need to actively take care of where they are throwing their waste. in south mumbai alone it seems the pollution of the whole nation is gathered there.


yeah, and i didn't even here about the flooding... doh !

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

May the people of the world care about the flood victims in India. I pray that the flood victims will be free from all difficulties.

I'm sorry for the flood victims in India. I hope they will be fine. Hope there is help for them.

It is true as you say, the indiscriminate way in which resources are used is what has brought such conditions to the inhabitants of this planet, and it is not surprising since such attitudes are prophesied in the bible, where we are told how they would proceed person separated from Two, no conscience nor love to the progimo in the great majority of the humanity. But we have hope of optimal times. (Revelation 21: 3,4)