Universe and its mysteries

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Today I was reading some articles about cosmos and the creation of the universe and how things sustain in the universe and how destruction happens. The concept of cosmos can be related to the concept of God or we can even explain it relating to just nature by itself. When we try to explain this concept in accordance with God, we might have to consider the factors that it is not self-sustaining and it is controlled by someone. But not everyone will accept that fact. I'm not going to go into the details of the existence of God or the supreme power.

From what we see, there is definitely order in the state of creation in this universe. With this order, we are able to see that some things are very similar and happens in a unified format. There are many theories for the creation of the universe. Only someone who lived from the beginning of the creation of this universe will be able to explain how the universe was created and every concept in this universe. Though there are many theories available to answer the mysteries that we see in this universe, it requires a high-level understanding in order to come to a conclusion on how things work in this universe.


Human brain is not fully enough

We cannot understand the universe completely with the puny brain that we have. We might have read about the capabilities of the human brain and how much information it can withstand. But if we do a deep analysis, we can say for sure that the concept of this universe is something that needs more details understanding which can be a big challenge for the capacity of our brain. Another argument is that we will not be able to fully understand something by being inside the same thing. In order to understand a system, we have to be outside the system and observe the system.


With the capacity of the human brain, we will be able to reach only to some extent about the mystery behind this universe. Maybe we can say that this universe is mysterious but not say how much mysterious it is. We call something a mystery only when we are unable to find answers for that or when we don't know the exact ways to find the answer. Some of these mysterious things that cannot be explained as of now are considered as Godly things. But we have to definitely accept that we have not explored everything in this universe yet with the help of science and there will always be something that cannot be explained with the help of science.

Before and after this universe

From many theories, we are able to understand that the universe was never always existing. It was once created and it will be destroyed at one point in time. And some theories even say that it keeps expanding until it is destroyed. This made me think about what was it before the origin of the universe and what will happen after the end of this universe. When theories say that the universe was created for a purpose and there is an evolutionary period for this universe until it ends, what would have been the purpose of the creation and who created it and why was it designed it this way?


These are some of the questions that usually pop up in my mind when I really think and feel like reading about cosmos. One thing that I admire about religious scriptures is that, it speaks a lot about the creation of this universe and the purpose of the universe. If we are clever enough we might be able to search it by ourselves until we find an answer for it. Another good thing is that it always keeps us occupied in this journey of searching until we find an answer for it. Some theories even say that we can never find a solution or a destination for our search and it is just the search itself is amusing.

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