Take worst for yourself and give best to others

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The art of giving is something that gives utmost satisfaction in our life. Not everyone will have the heart to give something to others. Giving need not necessarily be something in a physical form. You can also give your love or motivation or positive vibrations to others. But when you give something to others, it is a great feeling. It gives not just satisfaction but also a peace of mind and relaxation. When I was listening to a spiritual lecture, the speaker talked about the art of giving. Today I had few memories from that great lecture and I really wanted to sit down and write about the art of giving things to others.

Giving is always good. Like I said in the previous paragraph, it need not necessarily be a physical thing. You can always give things like love and positive vibrations that are not a physical thing. But always make sure you give only the good things to others.

For giving you just need heart

Some people might think that they have to be financially sound to be able to give something to others. It is not true. For helping others or giving, all you need is the heart. But financially speaking, if you are someone who is not financially great, you can start giving things that will come under your capabilities and gradually increase the value. The only thing that you will need in giving is the heart to give. There are few people who will not have the heart to give even if they are financially very sound. They don't understand that they are not going to take away those resources with them.

It is also human nature and we cannot completely blame anyone for not giving things to others. In today's world, we have to be just happy to see that people are at least not taking anything from others. That is what we can expect from a good community. Giving can be secondary and it varies from one person to another person based on various criteria.

Always give best to others

I have seen this practice in my community where people give things that are unusable to others. This is usually done for the sake of giving something to the others and try to get some fame out of it. I have seen this attitude from my family members as well. They donate only the things that are not usable anymore. I'm able to understand even if people donate things that are not usable by them but usable by others. But there are few categories of people who donate things to others which are no longer usable. I feel pity for them. Sometimes I used to think that "Something is better than nothing" but when I see acts like this, I used to think that "Nothing is better than nonsense".

I always tell people to give only the good and best things to others. If we can manage with things that are not in a good condition, we can go ahead with that and give the best things to others. I think that is how we should be training our kids as well. From the young age, if they learn to give best things to others, they will grow up to become a responsible person. If our intentions are right we will also have a great life without having a necessity to retain worst things with us. We will be blessed with good things all the time.

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I think, Giving is just an illusion created by our ego and it further strengthen the ego.

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I am reading a lot now a days and many of them talks about taking care of yourself. You don't have to do something if you don't feel like it. That same goes for the giving and taking. The point is to put in our masks first before helping others.
How can you help and support others when you are broken from inside. But whatever is broken can be fixed too. That the good news. ;-)

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