Should India invest more on Science projects?

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Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: India is a country with maximum youth population. India is not only famous for its culture, tradition, art and architecture but it is also famous for great minds. After all India gave Zero to the world without which none of the calculations would have been possible today. Some of the greatest minds have existed in India and are still existing. 

Every year many students are graduating compared to other countries. It is quite disappointing to see that they move abroad to fulfil their dreams or for a higher study. The main reason for this is lack of opportunities for them. India is one of the greatest minds in the world. If we see US, most of the great people are from Indian origin. There is no harm in going out and exploring the world but at the same time if they have had enough opportunities to quench their thirst in India, they would have not gone outside.  Considering this, we will definitely need lots of science projects in India. India has a great history and there have been experts in different fields related to science. The country need not be highly dependent on other countries for science knowledge and projects. 

Need for more science projects

As mentioned above we have been losing some of the great minds for the past few years. The students who look for higher education go abroad to do specialization on their field of interest. If we take ECE(Electronics and Communication Engineering) as an example. In my city or the place where I live in India (Chennai) the scope for implementing what we learn as part of Electronics and Communication Engineering is very less. If we have to work on a particular core companies that does exactly what we studied, the options are very limited. People who study this Engineering course go abroad to do some specialization. Only a few candidates here get opportunities to use what they studied. Some students who studied here get placed in core companies but they end up working on a foreign project and not on a project inside the country. 

The main reason for this is because we do not have enough projects in the country and lack of opportunities. Considering the lack of job opportunities in India, this is definitely important for the freshers to easily get some job. All the freshers with a science degree will definitely need a platform to prove their skills. If they don't have enough opportunities, they will not be able to prove their skills at all. At least for that sake government should think about investing more on not just science project but on projects related to Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering. 

Role of Government in increasing science projects in India

We cannot completely blame the government. There are definitely taking enough steps to increase opportunities in India but the problem is they are not enough. The scope for an engineer is very limited. I personally know so many friends who move to financial sector after studying engineering. The reason being there were not enough training or because of lack of opportunities. Government is trying hard to introduce many new projects for the benefit of people but there are also few resistance from the people as well. The politicians should also be blamed on this because even though the central government allocates some funds for science projects or research works, the politicians and the middle man loot the fund allocated and finally project as if the project was a failure. 

Compared to the last few decades we can definitely say that the science projects have been increasing in India. There are also lots of foreign investments happening where big companies like Apple and other leads in the market have planned to open a production or manufacturing unit in India. This will definitely increase lots of opportunities for the people of India thus providing more job opportunities for the youths coming out as a fresher.  

I personally feel if the number of science projects increase in India, it will not only be helpful for Indians but even for other countries in the world.  Who knows one day mankind will even be able to fly towards the sky against gravity. After all anything is possible with science!! 

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It's true @bala41288 scope for electronic and communication is not adequate in India.I have change d my path to IT . Later due to my personal interest of electronic I joined instrumentation team .Due so a lot of hope and similar work of electronic.
But still ,I think 100% electronic job is very less as per requirement .

indian invest 0.67 percent money for research and innovation...other country invest 2.0 of GDP for research and innovation...