An Indian Air force transport aircraft AN-32 missing have no trace

in india •  3 months ago  (edited)

It is very sad news
that an Indian Air force transport aircraft carrier AN-32 missing after took of on Monday and vanished from radar screen at 12:27PM on that day.

The air force transport aircraft was take off on Monday from Jorhat and it was 50 minutes flying journey to the Mechuka advanced landing ground in Arunachal pradesh.

Pilot Ashish Tanwar from Haryana with 12 other was on board on that aircraft, since 5 day passed but have no trace found still now.

Co-incidentally his wife Sandhya Tanwar was the Air Traffic Controller on duty at Jorhat when her husband's plane went off-radar. She still remain in dark as the aircraft have no trace still now.

here is the complete review analysis of AN-32 aircraft after it commissioned on Indian Air Force to still now and it servicing history and others. This vital analysis will give you a clear Idea why we are still not able to find out this aircraft in spite of successful well equipped technology we have.

The Air Force has deployed on search mission it's Mi-17 and ALH helicopters,
besides Sukhoi Su-30 and C-130J fighter jets, in its efforts to find the missing aircraft. On Thursday, unmanned aerial vehicles were also pressed into service Hope this will be solve the mystery and will be rescued all 12 personnel on Board of this missing aircraft.

We are praying to GOD for Safe return of those missing 12 person who was on board in that missing Air Craft.
Dear GOD please save them and keep them strength to fight odds and , and Hope they will return Home Soon.

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