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Two months ago, my crop looked a bit lighter. But now she's very good I used to think that this time the crop can be very heavy. But this time the crop will be good yield. It has a reason. Light rain is taking place for some days. The soil is making good yields. In which every of my farms looks better. Everything is God's gift.
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A photo of the original drawn. Orignal by @ahlawat
This is my #busy for today. Thanks for reading #steemian.
11 September 2018, Here is my 271th (365), entry for the B&W photo contest! Enjoy!
Medium : 13mp Camera Smartphone by: LG,
I think you will like this post.
Enjoy your Tuesday. Seven Day Black And White Challenge.
Have a good day

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Really nice black and white photography..my dear friend ahlawat


thank you! welcome my friend

Really everything is God's gift...
We should praises for God only.


thanks so much!

What kind of crops?


This is a sugar cane plant.

Great shot

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