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With only 13 Days, 23 Hours Left...


"A group of film makers from the Portland independent film community are coming together to make a dream project come true for director Rollyn Stafford. This is Rollyn's first feature film, after making a collection of award winning short films and hopes to share his love of Bob Dylan."


My good friend, Rollyn, is raising funds for his next film and he needs our help! He has reached: $8,063 of his $25,000 goal. To contribute to the 'Road to Bob' fund click here. Every dollar helps get him on the road to "Road to Bob", lol.


Oh, and "Road to Bob" has a Facebook page, too! Follow along as the adventure ensues and we await captured moments of wisdom and excellence as they fall from the grace of Rollyn's hand like fireflys in the night. Talented screenwriter, director, and actor, Rollyn & I once had the pleasure of working together on one of his earlier films, in 2012.


"First Look! Behind the scenes of Road to Bob!"

Find out more here.

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It's a great project, I love independent cinema. I hope that your friend will find the necessary funds for his film. I'll follow you for news.

Yes, please do! I will keep the Steemit community updated on his local awesomeness! :-) Cheers! Thanks for commenting and I hope you have a wonderful day!