Independence day special :- This is how we celebrate independence day💗💟💓

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Hello my Friends and Followers welcome again..
Sorry for the late post I am busy from last 2 weaks and also I face some problems to create post so I dealy my post I really sorry for this .
Today we will see how Independence day will celebrate In costal area.
On 15th Agust every one will wake at 5 clock and get ready for Independence day. Firstly we make all arrangements like putting the poll in Earth like this
After that we tie the flag and hang on the poll after that girls will make the flowers arrangements arround the poll like this
After every thing is done every people will stand in the line and start the flag hosting. We call the our Chief guest to host the flag after done the flag hosting we sing the national anthem by seeing flag and finally students gives the speach about the Agust 15 like this
After that we give the flowers to out Chief guest and finally we distribute the chocolate to every people who are present their and our the Independence day and flag will be remove before 6 clock in evening ...
Jai Hind Jai Bharat 💗

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