Every religion I've experienced shows some kind of bias to one thing or another. Was an evil invention.

For me at least, Zionism isn't a religion. It is a political racism.

Aren't they the same thing? 😂

That is what the guy in the clip is suggesting that they are trying to merge the two. It is my understanding that in the Talmud it is deemed that the Jewish Peoples should not have a nation until the coming of the Messiah. Zionism began to form in the early part of last century pushing the notion that the jewish people should have a nation. This was long before Hitler did his horrors to those peoples. The Zionists pushed the then foriegn minister of the UK, Lord Balfour, to proclaim a declaration of the settlement of jewish poeples to what is now Isreal under the Balfour Declaration. It was basically a letter from him. Britain had recently gained possession of that area of the world through a recent treaty ending a war with the Ottoman Empire. Some suggest that it was politically motivated to sow chaos into the middle east until the present day, so that greater powers could control the oil flow and not have the Arab poeples setting the terms.

28 days away from the USS Liberty incident.

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