A Voluntaryist's View of Independence Day

in independence-day •  3 years ago

As much as voluntaryists/anarchists pick on the Constitution as being just a piece of paper without magical powers, there is some love for the Declaration of Independence. I've been a bit rough on this constitutional republic the last few years (in many ways because it no longer resembles the minarchy it started as). One positive thing I will say, though: from a systems perspective, it's impressive to see a system which (more or less) scaled from 2.5 million people to over 320 million people and still exists as a thing. Maybe it exists in name only and another Declaration of Independence is long overdue. Either way, I'm thankful for those who risked everything to become traitors, outlaws, and criminals to champion their understanding of what it means to be free. We've since made even more progress in that understanding, desiring freedom for people beyond their race, gender, or sexuality. Someday we may even free ourselves from those who immorally manipulate our stores of value. Maybe, someday, we might even create enough prosperity to eliminate the scarcity of basic resources which impoverish so many.

I'm optimistic because I've seen free individuals interact voluntarily for mutual self interest which raises the wellbeing of everyone involved, leading to more self-actualization and understanding. Unlike many who have been programmed by dogmatic religions or fear-mongering government programs, I don't believe human beings are inherently evil. We respond to the stimulus around us and the inputs up to this point. We can improve, grow, and love. It may take many more 1776 events which use words and passion to spread ideas of freedom. Here's hoping we're moving beyond violence and towards civilized coexistence.

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Hell yeah man, lookit you now!

(Saw your Twitter post lol)

So glad you're here and as an anarchist, the DoI is the spirit of liberty. We all need to declare our own independence and act it out, however that may be.

Cheers to 2 years, here's to many more :)


Thanks Nate!