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Whether it's fighting or writing, skating or mating; there is a place you can dwell in, where everything just clicks. You are in heaven, your personal nirvana, your utopia, you are in flow state. But like a fleeting flicker of a distant memory, if you try and hold onto it; frustratingly, it is gone.

Knowing The Flow

Flow state brain_rz.jpg

So what is flow state? You already know without knowing, you, just like everyone else has experienced flow state. A point of deep concentration, so deep that like energy and matter on a base level, they are exactly the same.

Picture it.

"Pass me that pen" you say.

It is thrown to you, without even thinking about it, it didn't even really seem like you looked, you caught it. But not just any catch, you caught it in the exact position you need to write.


You are out at a local bar with friends, you are talking to someone you have never met before, a member of the opposite sex. They are attractive, and seem attracted to you, everything that comes out of your mouth seems to be exactly the right thing.

Subjects burst into your mind in wonderful kaleidoscopic fashion, you feel like the conductor of an orchestra, except it is not just your hands the instruments are following. It is your whole body, your mind, nothing you say or do is wrong.

They laugh.

You laugh.

You kiss.

They melt.

You go home together.

Finding Your Flow

For a perfect example of what flow state is, watch this video of Yuja Wang playing; Flight Of The Bumblebee. It is only 1:51 seconds, go on, watch it now; I'll wait for you.

Did you notice how her fingers were gliding over the keys at such a speed, they literally blurred? How can she play that quickly?

How can her mind keep up with what her hands are doing? How can she play so many notes, in such quick succession, without once hitting a single wrong one?

What magic is she using...?

You already know the answer, because you too have used the magic of flow state, you might not have even realised you were using it.

Watch this 17 second video

Did you notice how she was so surprised at her own actions? The mug started to fall, and without thinking, she adjusted her elbow so that it bumped the cup. Then she raised her leg to the right height, at exactly the right time, with the perfect amount of speed, so that the mug simply found it's way into the right sink, ready to be washed up.

If it landed in the other one, it probably would have broke.

Look at the way she laughs, and almost collapses in disbelief, she can't quite understand what has just happened, and it overwhelms her.

You just witnessed somebody in perfect flow state; for most of us we will only be in this state for mere seconds at a time, just like this lady.

However you can learn it, that's right...

You can follow the yellow brick road,

right to your very own private Oz...

Would you like to know how?

How to get to that magical place, where whatever you're doing, you are doing it perfectly, without thinking, without feeling, you are just doing...

Then read on.

Analysing The State

Before we find out how to get into flow state, let us just take a moment to think about the two women we have seen in very different types of flow.

Look at their body language, it is completely relaxed, Yuja Wang's eyes are so relaxed, they are almost closed. We see her mouth moving, almost like she is singing the song; like she is a vessel for this incredibly, intricate, and beautiful piece of music.

Although we cannot see the second ladies eyes, we do see her general demeanour, her body language is that of somebody who does a repetitive job, and is operating on auto-pilot.


Therein lies the key...

The elusive code, that will allow us to slip in and out of flow state at will...

So is it just about repetition? Doing something over, and over, and over again, until it becomes second nature?

Alas no, if it were, then everybody who did a repetitive job, would constantly be in flow state. No, it is a combination of repetition, and relaxation, plus the key ingredient...

Being In The Moment


Now we get closer to the truth, it is about being in the moment, not thinking about the past, not worrying about possible future outcomes, just staying right where you are right now.... in space; and in time.

That's right; every time you had one of those flow state moments, it is because you were doing something you knew how to do, you were relaxed, and you were...

In The Moment!

When you were talking to that member of the opposite sex, and everything came out right, it is because you were not fixating on past failures. You were not worrying about how embarrassed you might feel if she or he said no, you just were... there, in perfect harmony with that single moment, flowing into the next moment, and the next, and the next...




Practice The Moment

woman meditating out to sea_rz.jpg

OK, all well and good, how do you practice staying in the moment? Surely the feeling is so abstract, the concept so ephemeral, so difficult to grasp, that surely it is impossible to practice being in the moment?

As it turns out...



Just tell me already!!


The secret is plain and simple, it is meditation.

That's it, you must learn to meditate, because when you are in a meditative state, you are exercising your will. You are practising the art of not getting distracted.

I like to do it with my eyes open, because it makes it harder, I have to concentrate on blocking out visual stimuli, as well as the million thoughts racing through my mind.

@ericvanwalton has been publishing some of his book on meditation, after you've finished this, and commented below, go check it out.

Just a few tips first, set the timer on your phone, or similar device, for 2 minutes. Then sit in a quiet place, and focus on your breathing.


and out


and out

Catch a rhythm, don't beat yourself up when your mind wanders, just acknowledge that it has, and then come back to your breathing...


and out


and out...


The next day, set your timer for two and a half minutes.

As you sit there, concentrate on what your clothes feel like against your skin, or if you're sitting naked, what your skin feels like against the chair.

In... and out...

Then listen, pay attention to all the sounds that you hear at, that moment.

Practice this enough, and you will be able to slip in and out of flow state, at will.

Now go; go quickly! Go and practice your new found super power, become a flow state ninja, and one day, I will be watching a video of you, in your perfect flow state.


Incredible Flow State Boxer - Emmanuel Augustus



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many folk find it takes time to get into a state where work flows. Do you plan to get into flow, does it come upon you more as a kind of inspiration, or is it not necessary for you? I think @cryptogee these are good questions:) I read a book named Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by one Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Changed my life, thank you for this wonderful share, take care.

I try and practice being in flow all the time; even just walking down the street, I try and make myself hyper-aware of my surroundings, and the state of my feelings.

Thank you for the book tip, I'll check that out!


My husband is reading that same book now, and he is loving it too. I'm glad to read your incredibly positive review and look forward to reading the book next.

  1. Set your intent
  2. Let it go
  3. Be!

Being in a PERFECT STATE OF FLOW is controllable as you mentioned. And, yes it is like going to the gym, it requires actually going to gym on a regular basis and pushing yourself to new gains. The better the form the better the results. Having a gym membership and never ever going and not working out never got someone the results they desired. You have to put the work in.

Unlike the possibility of over training your physical body without proper rest periods in between for recovery, our minds can be pushed at an exponential level, allowing us the opportunity to make monumental gains in what some might consider a short period of time.

You had discussed meditation and the proper breathing patterns. I believe that your physical state is an important ingredient as well. As you mentioned, the body language. Think of the times you were most successful, HOW DID YOU CARRY YOURSELF? What mannerisms did you express? These can be learned, copied or improved upon. It requires setting time aside and actually doing it.

You had mentioned in a response that you had cut about 20 hours a week of tv time out of you life. That is investing in the greatest asset you have, you. Your mind, body and soul. Because if you can't take care of yourself you can't take care of others. I don't mean that in a selfish way, I mean it in a manner of service. If you are sick, your ability to help others at the level that you have created a standard for diminishes.

Thanks for the daily dose of mental fuel and nourishment.

Beautiful points, eloquently put. Yes I go to the gym regularly, and I find it ups body awareness, I really want to get into the type of movement training that Ido Portal does.

The mind-body connection is important for finding and staying in the flow state :-)


I finally sat down and read this article. Amazing stuff!!! I really need to put more effort into learning meditation.

Awesome Melody, once you start practising it becomes second nature very quickly and you'll notice the changes in you almost immediately :-)

Check out the rest of the Incredible You! series for more meditation and brain hack techniques.


Great post. Recommend Ken Richardson 'Finding you Element' as a good read. He also has a presso on Netflix too.

I loved the article but I am not sure if the lady saving the cup was her being on a flow state or just mere coincidence. I have seen bartenders and waiters who are totally in the flow and they break shit all the time. I think that being in the flow does not save us from making mistakes.

She is in flow because she does exactly what she needs to do in a moment of crisis. She is fixed and focused on something she does everyday.

She just thinks; coffee, now, her mind is empty and her body is relaxed, it may seem trivial, but she is definitely in some kind of flow state. Beautiful to watch :-)


Oh yes! I have been there many times, not lately though.
Great reminder and a very good article.
So let´s be on the Tao

Amazing post i just loved it! That's what some people call THE ZONE! been practicing for a while but its quite an art! Great videos too, totally upvoted!!

The flow state reminds me of Bruce Lee famous line "be like water" 1:28 second mark she gave me chills..that flow was amazing! My goodness you're so right when she kicked that cup in the the sink like it happened without her controlling herself, almost as if her subconscious was the controller. Needless to say this post just increased my intellect and desire to be in this state 24/7 if possible, really appreciate this share @cryptogee!

That is one of my favourite sayings, and Bruce was obviously a flow state master. I think I got the chills at around the same point, first time I saw that; just amazing :-)

Thanks for your comments.

Be like water :-)


Gran post .

Gracias! :-)


Flow states. Love shots of awe for that. Thanks for the post. Make sure to check out the NEW STEEMIT too. Maybe become the next whale.

I've been working on this state as a way of living...we have so much more in us that our western culture acknowledges and it's pretty awesome when you start to tap into your potential!

Yes! I haven't heard of it being called flow state but it really resonates.

I used to do sudoku competitively and and I didn't even have to think it just came to me. I think that is the most intense flow state I have felt before.

Yes, flow state when you are pulling lots of mental calculations, must feel like an absolute buzz, the connection between brain and pen, numbers just flowing out of you, into the right squares.

Mmm, bliss :-)


I agree with practicing the moment, but my definition is a little different. I keep replaying what's to happen in my head as how I'd have it happen. Repetition till I've mastered the situations to come completely. Only situations that I can see coming through. Can't get ready for everything and anything, that'd make me God haha. But I do try. Cheers!

#upvote #follow4follow

that works also and helps....

Yes, this is what one of my favourite books; Zen Golf, says about putting, he says keep seeing it going in in your mind's eye. Hear the sound it will make, by the time you're ready to take the shot, it's already in before you even hit the ball.

So true, I mean my big accomplishment would be the fact that I make a million bucks off crypto. Everything else after that is to build the community around me so they'd be able to give back, indirectly it's me giving back. I keep replaying every method I'm using in my head to get to this. The numbers just keep going all night long!

Ranked top in a Paper Presentation contest at national level college fest while at my graduation.

With 2 hours time of preparation with a complete new topic i never know, Which i am going to study in my next semester. That was "Ground improvement techniques" from geo technology subject.

Grabbed a book from library, had a glance and took couple of pictures from lab and internet. Prepared the paper and started to the auditorium.

Only i thing i need is just participation certificate.
So no worry about my presentation and my body language. So i am completely relaxed and literally i leaned on on to the podium for few minutes while presenting.

After completion and i left to home and not even waited for results. Because I know what i want and it is a token of participation in one of the most reputed colleges in the state.

I came to realize my flow state of mind in the same night at facebook, every started to congratulate and i am sure every that every one making fun of me and replied accordingly.

Suddenly, my Geo Technology professor had a commented my first prize certificate in the comment.

That's my flow state superpower experience.

Wonderful! That is a perfect example; you had a new subject, you didn't have any past mishaps in the area to distract you. You weren't focused on the outcome, more the process, and you attained a perfect level of concentration and relaxation.

Sometime after something like that, it is nice to pause, and meditate on how it felt to be on cruise control like that. :-)

Well done!


Thank you. To mention, that's my first on stage solo presentation ever in my life.

Ok yes yes and yes I love reading this type of post. It is right down my alley and i love to learn new ways to explain or perceive this topic. See as a martial artist and a practicing Vajrayana Buddhist I have spent many years exploring what you describe here as the Flow State. Now as a martial artist I have never really reached this state of being, but I have with dance. I went to many raves back in the day, did not do drugs, I just danced and I would get in this state of mind were everything would just melt away except me and the music. It was apparent when I was there because an audience would surround me and then I would be able to feel their energy as well. It was the greatest feeling. Multiple times I would reach this state of mind in meditation, It is called samadi, or clear mind. It is very blissful and your life feels complete, it is a strange feeling. Anyway I love talking about this stuff, and thank you for this beautiful post!

Yes, samadi, some times is so brief, but so beautiful. You should mix the timing feeling of your dance with your martial arts.

If you haven't already, check out Ido Portal, the master of movement. :-


Ok ya I will check that out thank you. That so cool you know about samadi! Thank you for this reply!

Cool! I forgot to say, check him out on youtube :-)


Thank you

In two days I have immunology exams. Not even the flow state can save my uneducated ass right now.

I'll do my best guys

Good luck man, trust in the process, do not focus on the end result, stay in the moment; and you'll be fine :-D


Yes it can! Trust it, and trust in yourself; meditate, and you can get there ;-)


First one needs hard work and then they can find their flow just like Usain Bolt @cryptogee

Of course it can save you. You dont have to take the entire bridge down, taking down just a small portion will stop defeat from crossing over.

Wow yes! Finding your flow is so important! I get there sometimes while commenting and producing content for steemit lol! It's like everything just clicks and I'm going at a million miles per second, and so uplifted. Great post @cryptogee!

Absolutely! In the moment :-)

Thank you


Really enjoyed this! I have been wanting to do meditation. I need to consistent and this was a great motivator!

You gave me inspiration to flow and write one of my fascinating dreams:) In due diligence if you may check it out, thanks.

My biggest strenght is pulling out on time!

One of the greatest superpowers of all!


Very interesting post = I am going to get myself into that flow state more often

Amazing post!

Worth resteeming. Meditation brings us to consciousness.

What a wonderful post, sat here reading and thinking this can be done anywhere even here where I am replying to posts that I find interesting thank you so much.

Exactly, you can do it on the bus, walking down the street, sitting in front of your computer. Anywhere you can just zone out and relax :-)


Thanks for answering my reply I appreciate it very much.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I've been waiting for this kind of post. And you nailed it! :)
I definitely and 100% agree with you @cryptogee. The flow state is like reaching your maximum potential on something you are doing or you are passionate about. Under a state of deep focus and concentration where everything is just, well as we say, "flowing". Unhindered, effortless, ready.

Followed, upvoted, resteemed. You truly deserve it.

Staying in the moment is tough..especially when every second you lose track of sense by every guy trying get in your panties...hehe...I will practice meditation now thanks to your post, have a wonderful evening @cryptogee!

Haha, that is when you want to practice it most; you wouldn't want to miss out on the love of your life, because of other distractions! :-D


Inspirational post... :)

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment