SEC17/W1|Heaven and Hell fantasy or reality?

Asalam u Alekum. My name is Ubaid Ullah. I belong to Pakistan. My religion is Islam and belong to the Sunni caste. I am newer to Steemit but when I read the contest of title "SEC17/W1|Heaven and Hell fantasy or reality?" and its description I found it one of the most interesting and valuable subjects for Muslims as well as, as a duty of Muslims. I am very thankful to Steemit for giving us a chance to discuss such an important topic on the world's largest platform Steemit.
So let's come to the topic of discussion....
According to the religion Islam there are two beliefs namely Iman-e-Mujmal (short belief) and Iman-e-Mufsal (belief with a full or detailed description)
I am writing the translation of Iman-e-Mujmal "I believe in Allah as he is, with his many names and qualities, and I have accepted all of his orders.".
Now I am writing the translation of Iman-e-Mufsal which states that "I believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day and in Taqdir, that all good and bad is from Allah the Most High and I believe in the resurrection after death.".
We can see that in Imane-Mufsal it is clearly stated that there is a last day on which people will be reborn and they will judge according to their deeds. If the person's good deeds are higher than the bad ones they will be rewarded and entered into Jannah or Heaven and if the bad deeds are more than good they will fall into Jahanam or hell.
So it becomes clear from the above references that no one can become a Muslim until they believe in all of the above-given realities. So if anyone does not believe in the day of judgment i.e. Heaven and hell then they are not Muslim.
To be a Muslim we need to believe all topics discussed in Iman-e-Mujmal and Iman-e-Mufasal
In the Holy Quran, the book of believers, Allah Subhanahu Watala not only describes heaven and hell but its name is also given. The names of heaven iareJanat-al-Adan, Janat-al-Firdos, Janat-al-Naeem, etc while the names of hell are Jahannam, Al-Laza, Al-Hutama, Al-Saqar, Al-Jahem, And Al-Hawia.
so it is concluded from the above discussion that Heaven and Hell are undoubtful realities. We all need to believe in it and spend our lives doing good deeds and keeping ourselves away from sins.






Heaven and Hell are not mere fantasies, but rather sacred realities in the Islamic faith. Believers must adhere to the principles of Iman-e-Mujmal and Iman-e-Mufsal, acknowledging the existence of Allah, angels, books, messengers, judgment day, and divine decree. The Holy Quran vividly describes the rewards of Jannah and punishments of Jahannam, reinforcing the importance of living a righteous life. Embracing these beliefs is essential for Muslims to attain salvation and eternal bliss.

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