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I read an article yesterday on investment which i often do anyways.
But this very article was constructed by a man who had gone through
life and now understood the importance of residual income. from his
write up, i could bunch of people who no longer think of how to create
wealth from within, people no longer think of what could happen in
split seconds...People who just breathing... Now, just imagine what
would become of you years from now if you don't have flows running
for you. Wouldn't that be funny? So why not start something today and
watch it grow? Are you afraid it would take time or perhaps, may not
even yield? well, you just may want to give it a try.
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Its never too late to try

No time is late. But procrastination is bad

The worst sin anyone in this generation would commit against him/herself is not trying out new opportunities

The right time is now!

Planning is very important.

So true

There's never a time too late. But one just gotta be conscious of it.

True talk....

Residual Income is the key to unlock poverty.... Never too late to start now

If you want to plant a tree, start now, procrastinate do steal our time, we Shld not allow it.

No time is late, its not about how well you started but how well you fared

Best of luck in ur search of greater income

Procastination is a killer of destiny.
Nice one

Can you show me how to walk through the wall?
I am interested. Thanks.

Residual income is very important #contor

Main thing is having diff source of income

procrastination and laziness is d key to poverty, nice writeup

Residual income very important, i think most of fathers in those days really don't have these ideas then and we are privileged to know it now, i will advise anyone to take advantage of it to enhance your life.