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I am new here at steemit and still trying to figure my way through, i kind off worked with s site like this sometime ago, where you put up articles on the site and get paid when your article is viewed or liked, they were paying for sometime only to one day dissapear into the galaxy, that website is called bubblews, i just hope the same will not happen again with bubblews seeing how much i am willing to put my best to it.

DQmdd9CMRqPbctCj3zxayFUt3cBEuFKmrwAqnQyxCm3BAu6_1680x8400.jpgPlease, any review?


Steemit is pretty big and the Steem cryptocurrency is fairly widely traded. I bought steem and sold it before I ever learned about the platform and started earning it. You need to really work at it and figure out an angle but Steem is going up in value with all other cryptos. If you put money into your account to power up, it should be returned with interest. If it does fail, it will be a loss but with people invested and more and more people investing every day, I think it's going up.

We all want to get paid.💰

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