IncinBot Update #68!

in incinbot •  10 months ago  (edited)

Monthly Subscription Program

Firstly we allow people to pay STEEM or/and upvotes in exchange for daily upvotes for a month.
Currently there are 4 tiers available.
Tier 1: 1.2 STEEM for a 21% upvote
Tier 2: 2.4 STEEM for a 42% upvote
Tier 3: 3.6 STEEM for a 63% upvote
Tier 4: 4.8 STEEM for a 84% upvote


For these tiers you are also able to delegate! We are happy to say that we have over 1,800 sp delegated to us!
Tier 1: 100 sp
Tier 2: 200 sp
Tier 3: 300 sp
Tier 4: 400 sp


SBI Shares

We have transferred most of our shares to a different account, however we will continue to grow the shares on this account as well. Currently we are at 8 units, but have just purchased an additional 40, to bring our total to 48. We still upvote sbi at 100% daily as well, so that should help continue to give us a decent overall upvote.

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