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Monthly Subscription Program

Firstly we allow people to pay STEEM or/and upvotes in exchange for daily upvotes for a month.
Currently there are 4 tiers available.
Tier 1: 1.2 STEEM for a 19% upvote
Tier 2: 2.4 STEEM for a 38% upvote
Tier 3: 3.6 STEEM for a 57% upvote
Tier 4: 4.8 STEEM for a 76% upvote
For these tiers you are also able to delegate! We are happy to say that we have over 1,800 sp delegated to us!
Tier 1: 100 sp
Tier 2: 200 sp
Tier 3: 300 sp
Tier 4: 400 sp



We are also starting to put in some cash into @incin.cold, with all the liquid steem being converted into sp. We hope to push it to over 1000 sp within the next 2-3 months. This will allow us to not have to pay as much for leases in the future. Once we get enough into the account, we might stop power downs as well, allowing our personal sp on this account to increase as well.

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