Bot Update #32- InciBot *giveaway at the end*

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Not much had been happening so far but we are chugging along rather nicely.

Automation Update

The most basic stuff has been completed, and yesterday’s tests worked which was great. Some major sticking points still include the tiers, however the memo has been complete.


Memo Inaccuracies??

Good Question! With the bot fully automated there will now be a strict guideline that one must follow in order for the bot to put you in. Failure to do this will result in your steem to be stuck in the wallet and can take hours for someone to manually add you to the bot.

How’s The Memo Going to Work?

Wow! You guys are killing it with the questions! The memo will work by listing your name (without the @) the tier you are subscribing for and lastly how many upvotes a day.

For example, if I wanted tier 1 and get 2 upvotes a day I would say in the memo “cryptowithincin 2 1”.

We were rather lax on this rule, but we will be restarting it again to make sure people are ready for automation. Apart from that, automation still has its timeline until December, so it’s still a bit out.

SBI Share Giveaway

Overview On SBI

What is sbi? Sbi or steembasicincome is a type of bot, where there is a one time fee for a life time of upvotes. 1 share is equal to 1 steem, however I am then able to sponsor one person within the community. 1 share is about $.01 a week, however it is just like IncinBot upvotes, and is based on a % rather than a fixed upvote value.

How To Enter

Oooooh... time for the rules! (Same rules as all prior giveaways).

  1. Must be an IncinBot subscriber
    (If you are not currently, you can join and then participate!)
  2. Upvote this post
    (Upvote must be 100%, regardless of your vote value)
  3. Leave a comment
    (Leave a comment that you have entered for it to be much easier for me to recognize).
  4. Resteem
    (Resteem so more people can learn about our contest and IncinBot!)

Check out our Partner @moonbot! They also have a great monthly subscription that is totally worth it! 1 sbd or 1 steem for a $.1 upvote!

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Count me in please!


Count me in...

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