6 SBI Shares Giveaway!- IncinBot

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Welcome to the IncinBot Community Contest! We will be giving away 5 sbi shares away, so check below to see how to enter!

Overview On SBI

What is sbi? Sbi or steembasicincome is a type of bot, where there is a one time fee for a life time of upvotes. 1 share is equal to 1 steem, however I am then able to sponsor one person within the community. 1 share is about $.01 a week, however it is just like IncinBot upvotes, and is based on a % rather than a fixed upvote value.

How To Enter

Oooooh... time for the rules!

  1. Must be an IncinBot subscriber
    (If you are not currently, you can join and then participate!)

  2. Upvote this post
    (Upvote must be 100%, regardless of your vote value)

  3. Leave a comment
    (Leave a comment that you have entered for it to be much easier for me to recognize).

  4. Resteem
    (Resteem so more people can learn about our contest and IncinBot!)

(Banner found on sbi post, made by @katysavage)


I will randomly choose a number that will coincide with each person from those who entered. Then I will take a random number generator and pick 4 winners.

First prize = 2 sbi shares
Second prize = 1 sbi share
Third prize = 1 sbi share
Fourth prize = 1 sbi share
Fifth prize = 1 sbi share

That’s it! Good luck to all of you! Once the post has paid out we will choose the winners and make a follow up post.

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Upvoted and resteemed, I'll take one of those shares please! Lol 😄


Haha, you are in!

Done, upvoted and resteemed.


Must be a member of IncinBot to be entered ; ).

Upvoted and resteemed, thanks!


You must be an IncinBot member to be entered ; ).

Done subscribe,Upvoted and resteemed.


Thanks! You have been added to the contest, best of luck!


Thank you...!!


Upvoted and resteemed and I am one of the subscriber for T2. Count me in for this :)


You’re in!


Thank you :)

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Looks like excellent bot, we going to test it.!!


Sweet! Once you have joined, just follow the rules and you’ll be entered!


PS: Love your service!


Awesome, you have been added! P.S. we offer multiple upvotes a day if you are interested ; )

I did not know about this bot. I will read your post. I already follow it


Awesome! Check out our latest post for details, and hope you join!

Count me in on this... i love SBI! Your prize pool as currently listed is 6 SBI. Mistake possibly because your title says 5 SBI.

*increasing my delegation to level 3 very soon. + voted and resteemed


Oops! Guess we will have to do 6 then ; )


Yikes, looks like we’ve had you as tier 2 all along haha. Have to tone the % back down to normal tier 1

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Must be an IncinBot subscriber
(If you are not currently, you can join and then participate!)

I already tier 0 in previous post. I upvoted and resteemed.

I want to make a partnership like @silvergoldbounty.

Signed up Tier 2

I think that's all.. :D


I'm following, I upvoted this post 100% and RESTEEMED for exposure!