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Welcome to the IncinBot Community Contest! We will be giving away 1 sbi share, so check below to see how to enter! We will be trying to do 3 giveaways each week, so stay tuned!

Overview On SBI

What is sbi? Sbi or steembasicincome is a type of bot, where there is a one time fee for a life time of upvotes. 1 share is equal to 1 steem, however I am then able to sponsor one person within the community. 1 share is about $.01 a week, however it is just like IncinBot upvotes, and is based on a % rather than a fixed upvote value.

How To Enter

Oooooh... time for the rules! (Same rules as all prior giveaways).

  1. Must be an IncinBot subscriber
    (If you are not currently, you can join and then participate!)
  2. Upvote this post
    (Upvote must be 100%, regardless of your vote value)
  3. Leave a comment
    (Leave a comment that you have entered for it to be much easier for me to recognize).
  4. Resteem
    (Resteem so more people can learn about our contest and IncinBot!)

(Banner found on sbi post, made by @katysavage).

P.S. If you have won any of the prior giveaways, you will still be added to this giveaway. Only restrictions are those under rules.

Good luck!

That’s it! Good luck to all of you! Once the post has paid out we will choose the winners and make a follow up post.

Check out our Partner @moonbot! They also have a great monthly subscription that is totally worth it! 1 sbd or 1 steem for a $.1 upvote!

Join our 6 sbi share giveaway! - https://busy.org/@cryptowithincin/5-sbi-shares-giveaway-incinbot

Learn about IncinBot- https://busy.org/@cryptowithincin/who-are-we-updated-incinbot

Join us at our Discord server- https://discord.gg/VmR96ba

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You got voted by @votefun thanks to CryptoWithIncin. To support development, check out @rishi556. Hosted on the @cryptowithincin discord.

Great Curator here, you can check I delegate to this program and its one of my favorite! (biggest upvote for your delegation!) resteemed!


😃😃, ill take that as an entry as well ; )

Signed up Tier 2

Think I did everything. :D


You are in this one as well!


Congrats, you won!

Upvoted and resteemed. Member of T2 😉

Upvoted and resteemed..
Member of T2..