IncinBoost- A One Time Fee For An Infinite Basic Income

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When looking at the countless amount of steem that you have spent on bidbots, subscriptions and etc in order to gain 1 or a handful of upvotes, did you ever think “how can I pay once and just have a free flowing amount of upvotes coming to me, forever”? The idea that one can basically invest a set amount of steem, and receive a daily “dividend” is pretty cool.



It’s rather simple, 1 share is equivalent to 1 steem except that when buying a share you have to sponsor someone. Once the share has been bought, we quickly run a function that’ll shoot out the % that we upvote you at, and that goes straight into Steemauto. The upvote value that you receive will be calculated on a per day basis, and you will be able to receive 1 upvote each day.

Vote Value at Current

1 share will be approximately $.001 per day, or about $.007 a week. This is compared to SBI, which currently gives $.004 a week. This will change as steem price changes as the % is tied to only our sp amount and not the steem value.
Here’s an example from one of our members a few months ago:

“ On my last post SBI got me .07 value with 45 shares yet I get credit for 84 shares due to my auto voting their post while Incinboost got me .05 with 28 shares. So it is easy to see that you get back more for what you put in with Incinboost.”

Check out his post at:

With this example you can see that the 84 sbi shares that he has, he gets $.07 a day. This is compared to 28 shares of incinboost shares which gets him $.05. If he had 84, that would be a $.15 upvote!

Methods To Gain Shares

There are 3 main ways that one can obtain a share:

  1. Send 1 steem to @incinboost
    This will allow you to also sponsor someone in the memo, and get both of you a share each.
  2. Be sponsored
    Are you a little low on steem? Get one if your friends to hook you up with a share via sponsorships!
  3. Delegate
    We are accepting delegations in exchange for shares. It will be 4 sp per share that you have.

Sell Shares

Sell Your Shares!
We are now changing the bots functionality to better compete with others at a rate that nobody else can match! As you are investing steem into IncinBoost, you only are able to make your money back from the upvotes we provide. Unlike a standard investment, you aren’t able to actually sell the shares that you have, so we decided why shouldn’t we add that!

How/Why to Sell

Maybe you have decided steemit isn’t for you and you aren’t going to be posting, or maybe there is some other reason that you no longer want to have your shares. We are now allowing you to sell your shares to anyone on steemit for .4 each. This will allow others to jump on board easier and allow all our seats to be more efficiently used.
For this to work without any risk of damages, IncinBoost will be facilitating all trades as a middleman. If you are selling your shares, you must send a .001 sbd/steem memo saying how many shares you are selling. The buyer of the shares then has to send the amount of steem equivalent to the shares that they want to buy, and list the amount they want in the memo. We will decide whose shares you get, and we will most likely choose the seller who has had theirs up the longest. If all shares have not been sold, the remainder stays in your account until all has been bought.

Our Cut

We are going to be taking a 10% fee for the services. This cut will come after the buyer has paid, and will only impact that sellers amount. Each share will net you at the end .405 steem, and .045 will go to us.
Let us know your thoughts down below, and let us know if this makes you feel better when it comes to investing with IncinBoost!

How We Are Sustainable

The bot will have many methods in order to sustain itself, some of which include:

  1. Curation rewards
    With the use of leases, we are able to pay a lot less than powering up the steem and are then able to accumulate curation rewards from the upvotes much faster.
  2. Self Votes
    We plan to do a post once a day that highlights how many members we have, total shares that have been bought, current sp, and etc. these posts will come in handy when it comes to gaining some author rewards and getting the side profit off of that.
  3. IncinBot Upvotes
    As the owner of IncinBot as well, we are giving IncinBoost a free 50% upvote each day. This gets about another $.2 added, which in essence is another self vote.
  4. Manual
    Due to the softcap we are able to do all the enrollment work done manually, with only steemauto being the automated aspect. However as steemauto is free, that isn’t much of a problem either. We will be able to save immensely when it comes to server costs, as well as paying a developer to make the bot, and can use that to scale a lot quicker.
  5. Steem Monster Contests
    We are also doing one Steem Monster Giveaway each day as another way to help sustainability. As we have bought the starter pack (12 steem at the time), we are able to get a $.8-$1 upvote each time on the steem Monster Discord server! This allows us to pay for the cards that we Giveaway and we can keep the sp for sustainability.

Join our discord server at:

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