3 days to powerdown?

in incentive •  2 years ago

Hopefully soon.

Seen a few comments from ned and witness's about quicker power downs. Everyone seemed to think 3 days was reasonable. My question is when and do you guys think 3 days is a reasonable amount of time? i think 3 days is the sweet spot.

Think it will give huge incentive to investors and newcomers alike .

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Why not make it every day, or once per hour. :D

you mean a hit and run... no bueno


They are already running (the whales) people on the exchanges always say that the 2 year power down is the sole reason not for joining. Even steemit devs etc realize the need for way more incentive. I mean what is more important actual meaningful payouts like before for more users (due to way more larger investors joining as their SP is not trapped for 2 years) Right now steemit needs a push, not to rule out a future increase in time though. When the size of steemit warrants it. You would gain more than me! ;) but like you i'd prefer to hold than sell. The ones that really want to hold will even if the power down is dropped to 3 days. Just will help the power be worth more and steem itself.