Ways To Improve Yourself##

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Hello everyone, today I will be sharing 14 ways to improve yourself in six months in order To Become Well-Rounded, Enhance Your Development, and Experience 10x Results in your life.

  1. Keep track of your poop. If you are using a few handfuls of toilet paper, maybe it's time to alter your diet. We are all looking for those one-wipe glories. When your diet changes for better, so do you.

  2. Exercise atleast twice a week. Break a hard sweat when you do. Start off small. Two times a week is easy. If you go into this routine expecting to lose considerable weight after grinding for 5 days you will become discouraged and lose the consistency.

  3. Introduce yourself to countless people. Make your voice heard. If you want to become a better overall individual in the next six months you need to put yourself in front of considerable amount of people.

  4. Ask for help. You cannot solve all the problems in your life. Far from it, actually. If you want to progress and improve faster in your life. You need to ask for help, and use the help as a catalyst.

  5. Compare with and beat yourself. In terms of your finances, health, relationship goals etc, where are you today? Where do you want to be in six months? Where do you want to be in 3 months? In one month? In one week? Tomorrow? Break down your daily battles and beat yourself everyday. If you forecast simply over the year you may get overwhelmed and fail at the goal. Today you have to change, to overcome the battle, however.

  6. Stop binge drinking on the weekends. If you want to better yourself, you need to use your days off as days of work. When you go out to the local bars with your coworkers on Friday, you set yourself up to fail on Saturday. This will help with point 1(see above) as well. You will lose weight, get better sleep, and reduce some anxiety when you reduce drinking.

  7. Read classic literature. Siddhartha, The Stranger, 100 Years Of Solitude, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Meditation, Letters to a Stoic, A Man's search for meaning, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The Alchemist, The War of Art.

  8. Find your suit of armour. Sometimes, we need to project to the world that we are confident, before we can intrinsically feel it. What does this mean? Well, what haircut do you have? What clothing are you wearing? What is your hygiene like? This isn't an invitation to vanity. It's an invitation to looking and feeling good about yourself.

  9. Pay off your dept. Or resist it. I am going to be pragmatic here-if you are in copious amount of dept it's infeasible to pay off dept in six months. Perhaps, you can manage the dept then, however. If you are in credit card dept, work to paying it off. Being at square one is better than than a negative square.

  10. Keep a journal. Actually define, in writing, where you presently are, where you were, and where you are going? It's nice to say. "I want to lose 15 pounds in six months" or "I want to gross $5000 in my side hustle in the next six months", but if you aren't benchmarking your progress, where are you going? A lot of time, we are really walking in place where we think we are going forward. Journalling allows you to see where you came from and where you are still going.

  11. Ask your close network how you can get better. Streamline your growth. While it's hard (our ego hates this) ask your boss how you can be better at. Ask your lover how you can be better at. Ask your friends, ask your parents, ask the people you trust that will give you a straight forward answer that possible you wouldn't have able to see.

  12. Follow your muse. We all have that voice inside us that make us tick. Sometimes the voice is dreams of being an actor. Maybe you like to write. Maybe you like creating code. Maybe you like helping people. Sometimes we live in shadow careers that don't typically align with our voice. Take up hobbies or side projects that help align that voice in your head.

  13. Engage in the uncomfortable conversation. Talking about the big game or your friend's new blouse or the whether is easy. It's all stupid. You don't learn anything about yourself or the other people around you. If you want to grow in the next six months, talk to the people about their fears and dreams. Ask people what they are passionate about.

  14. Define and stick to a goal. Probably the most in depth and hardest to adhere to. This requires really defining what you want to do and drawing up a timeline in getting there. This isn't "I want to improve my health" this is "I want to lose 15 pounds in six months", I will do that by going to the gym twice a week, at the gym I will run for 15 minutes and do 30 minutes of HIIT afterwards.


All the points you have mentioned are really true....one must follow to improve themselves.