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RE: St-Bavo in Haarlem – 03-10-23

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Hi Corne, it is really nice to found your blog on Steemit and to see your wonderful art works

First at all I would like toinvite you in our community called "World of Xpilar" we have many different users but also we are the place for Visual Art. You are welcome to join us and post through our community page. What you need to do is to go to this go to our page:


So you need to join the community clicking on right "Join" button:


After that you can create a new post:


Then simply post a post the first tag is automatically "World of xpilar" tag, then you can add any other

Will be glad to see you in our community. By the way, in order to be active and be able to post more and comment more you need more Steem Power, I see you have only 10 Steem Power delegated which is very little I am going to delegate you some Steem Power tomorrow so that you can be active too.

This is a site with statistic what is happening with your blog, you can see who gave you upvote and if you gave upvote, you can see the comments and your own comments, so just look around:

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