Very important. Read to everyone. Thanks in advance to those who understood this letter.

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Good day. I am very glad that you are reading this letter. I want to say right away that I am not writing for myself, but for a close and dear friend to me.
The situation is as follows. In addition to the fact that Russia took the city from us and we had to move and we can say to start everything from the very beginning. It was difficult, but we did it.
The family lives in the same city. We work in another city.
But as it turned out, this is not the worst situation that could happen. Due to the current situation around the world, we also have a lot of people who fell ill with covid-19.
When you just listen to it on the news and it doesn't concern you, the situation is not very scary. But, unfortunately, this also affected our close relatives.
As I already said. I have a very close friend. I know her from my childhood.
With whom I grew up, with whom I work, with which I want to be for a long time.
After the move, her parents got a job as teachers at the school. And as it turned out, after health workers, teachers are the second who have a great chance of contracting covid-19. And so it turned out to be the parents of my friend.
At first Her father fell ill, then her mother.
I will say right away that in our country this situation is taken very lightly.
Therefore, everyone is close. And in particular, the elderly got sick too. It takes a long time to paint and complain. I don't want to. Therefore, I want to say only one thing, the parents of my friend are now in a very bad condition in the hospital.
We buried my grandmother 2 days ago.
Count on no one other than yourself.
Therefore, I decided to ask you. People . Help my friend to save her family.
She is against it.
Give, to be honest, he does not believe.
I ask if someone has the opportunity to help, At least a cent.
I'll leave her details.
5375 4188 0506 2304 $
5375 4199 0377 2802 €
If there is no possibility.
Please do not be indifferent to forward this letter further.
Thank you so much.
We are people.

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