Never, don't fear in your life, otherwise

in important •  8 months ago 

o hi guys, i am come back now,
i had gone some days at holiday. Today, i got to time to discussion with you.
so, Today I will tell you a different topic in front of you. You know so.

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we fear in our life before make big step. that we think what will next. i will success ya that no, my target will be complete that no. as like think 80% negative think and 20& positive think, we leave before want to get success .
then In the end, we have got same thing about which we were much thinking. we tell the people that we enjoy the losing.
i could not that work, i was not good filling, it is very difficult work, Talks a few hours to make the mind light.
It is a matter of great happiness that but also next person will be confidential, so he move the head and he understand mad us.

so we feel that my problem haired to some person. after some time we leave good thinking. any other person achieve the success about that think.

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then they people were success in their life. but also we have got happy experience. we share to people.

i was going to this work but i could not this because any problem face on that time.
we Displays such 100% Confidence but we can not starting about any good thing. in at the end got a loss.

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