My Cat Photos

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I have all the cat pictures and I thought I would back them up on the Steemit.

The tiger striped cat's name is El, and she is a little more reserved, but once she gets comfortable around you, she becomes your shadow. El was a rescue cat, we got her as a kitten and she was very sickly. She has recovered 100% and I am very proud of her.

The white cat is named Frosty. He is fiesty and fearless. Very personable and will walk right up to stranges. He is always the utlimate chillaxer. We got Frosty as a kitten from a friend who had a litter and needed to find homes for the kittens.

One this is for sure; these are two peas in a pod.






They love to get under the covers.



They always love looking at the birds fly by and the people surfing.



Frost is the ultimate chillaxer.




El knows how to chillax in her own right.


But Frosty won't have any of it...


But, they will always be best buds for life!



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This cat loves me for reason. Every time we go to the barn so the kids can ride horses it follows me everywhere.


I found out from Wolf that in fact the pictures are not stored on the blockchain, but, in my case, - I literally learn something new every week or month about Steem, amazing. It would be nice to mesh IPFS with photo storage so I can have my immutable cat photos.

Upvoted for visibility.

Sad cat.

Wonderful posting I resteem your posting

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So beautiful cat pictures I love all cat I resteem your post

I had two cats that were much like these two - always cuddling. They both made it to ripe old ages and made me very happy with their love and their care for each other. But one sickened and died after a few weeks of a terrible illness The other showed no signs of illness of any kind. One morning a week after my Seymour died, I found my Theo stone cold. I am certain he died of grief.

Your photos of them have made me both happy and sad. Thank you for making this post.

They are so cute Dan. We wanted to get Snickers a buddy since Maxine passed, but he's 15 and set in his ways.


No way! Crypticat's real name is Elle!


Great name! :)

finally some of the high quality content everyone keeps talking about

I heard cute cat photos are the key to unlocking mass adoption.

Some people say it is puppies but those have no idea.

It is cats wearing funny hats

Cats are one of my favorite animals I love to catch cat.!

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Catch? What kind of pet stores you going to??

No. Boss. But i like cat.🐈🐈

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xD I was just joking with you lol

Ok. No problem... 🐱🐱

boss i have a problem yesterday i posted a video 3speak but i can't make the video on my steemit id.😟

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Can you send me a link? I will have the devs look into this. thanks

I try to post twice but not posting,I don't understand what is being posted for the problem

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This was not the problem when I posted another day earlier.

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Beautiful creatures @theycallmedan they are very playful when young and cute if they are going after little animals like cockroaches, small lizards and especially mice :P

hermosasss fotografias much cuteness for one day they really look like great mates awesome shots 😼 😺 🙀

Who doesnt love cute cats!!?🐱🐈😁👍


I was a dog person my whole life. I used to have 3 giant dogs, one weighing 130 pounds. But then a very sad event happened in my life, my "rock bottom" if you will. The event sorta tramatized me from having another pet. I eventually came around to get the cats, but to get another dog will be a big deal for me. Background story: - EDIT: acutally this is the story

that sucks. At least they went to a nice home. We have a 'dog' cat. Follows us on walks brings back the ball and chases the pool table balls down the pockets :)

They're adorable. I love cat's😍😍. These ones are really cute

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Nice photos of 🐈
Looks like they know that their photos are getting clicked. So cute..

food, play, sleep and hoomans are our slaves...😀 😀 😀 I have a black male cat!!

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When I hear #steem I hear cats. Even have token names cats. There are more cats in steem than any other animals. Maybe cause I was little, my mom always had cats in the house.
Keep on meowing

wow !! How beautiful moment they were spending.Both cat looks so cute and adorable.


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Awwwn! They're cute. Frosty😍😍😍 wow.

Hey, beautiful photographs, you have done a great job in rescuing the striped cat, they are adorable and giving them a home where they can feel good is something to admire, good work my friend, I send you a hug full of blessings and successes 🤗

the steemit cats

You have cool cats :)

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Congratulations @theycallmedan!
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Wonderful shots Dan, El and Frosty are cuties. Honestly, I had no idea how big and dedicated the cat community of Steem is until I hosted the Cat Photography Contest two weeks ago. I was completely stunned by the response as the contest received over 200 comments and dozens of awesome entries. If you want to see some adorable kitties of Steem, feel free to check out the winner announcement (don´t upvote, it is too old now ;)

such beautiful cats

I resteem your posting by 3000 follower

I love 🐈 🐈 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

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So cute they are, feel like hugging them.

They are now immutables cats! 🤣

Nice photos. They really like to cuddle with each other. Very cute. The one of of frosty sitting on Eli is hilarious. It looks like he is trying to ride her like a sled. "Weeeeeee!"

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can you please take your spam auto votes off my @joeparys account @theycallmedan thank you -- I am no longer a voting bot

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