Symptoms of decreasing immunity

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Due to unhealthy diet and lack of rest, disease prevention may be reduced. The result is a disease. To stay healthy, increase the immune system.

Indian Nutritionist and author of the book 'The Great Indian Diet', Luk Kutinov, published on a website on health, explained in detail about the symptoms of disease prevention.

There he discussed several topics. For example,

When infections and allergies: If others are more ill-treated than others - often cold, sneezing, permanent cough, throat pain, scarring, etc. means that there is less immune response.

Symptoms affected by fungal disease, diarrhea, swelling of the gums, rash, mouth, lymph or swelling of the body like water etc.

Many people become sick due to slight changes in the environment. The reason is that the body temperature is low. Disease resistance is higher than 36.3 degrees Celsius. Because common cold viruses such as Rhinovirus get strength at 33 degree temperature. Regular body exercises help to increase body temperature and effectiveness. Moreover, the spices of garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom etc. work well to keep the body warm.

Failure: Due to lack of fever, there is a lack of disease prevention. There is a need for fever to prevent various diseases of the body. Most people eat medicines for reducing fever, which does not allow the body to function properly. If there is no fever for years without infection, then it is understandable that the immune system is low.

The weak intestine: 80 percent of the immune system depends on the intestinal recovery. Chronic constipation, digestive problems, acidity, acetic acid etc. The weak intestine refers to the inequalities of good and bad bacteria. So it is important to eat hygienic foods rich in probiotics.

Vitamin D Low: Vitamin D plays an important role in increasing disease prevention. But most of us are less vitamins. You should try to increase the level of Vitamin D in the blood if it is low. Moreover, symptoms of weakened immunity such as always being inadequate, tired, sleepy sleep, it takes a lot of time to get an injury, blood void, depression, black spots in the eye, etc.

Extra 'mucus' or mucous membranes also show signs of disease prevention. Excluding excess sugar, salt, processed foods and milk can help in this case.


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