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What it means to be human is starting to change. We are questioning what it truly means to be alive. This is something that is going to continue as our technologies advance.

Humanity long sought immortality. The quest goes back thousands of years. Parables were written about it. Mankind was always envious of the gods.

Religions have often talked about the immortal nature of humanity. The soul is within us yet leaves after we pass on. Where it goes depends upon the particular faith, yet it is believed to go somewhere.

People like Nikola Tesla talked about the "invisible" part of us and how it is something much bigger. Tesla claimed most of his ideas came from his ability to tap into this.


As we enter further into the digital age, we are seeing paths pursued that could radically alter these concepts even more. There are a number of entities working on a brain-to-computer interface. We already saw this in some special cases.

The idea here is that we will be able to directly connect to the internet without an external device. In other words, we will always be onlne. At present, the technology is invasive requiring the skull to be drilled into. Hence, we see this used only in cases where there is some type of affliction with the brain.

Future generations of this technology will likely see rapid improvement. We likely will encounter a time when the connection will either be on the outside of our heads or something that is easily injected into us.

Which brings us to the immortality. Is the body just a hosting mechanism? Are we truly similar to computers in that the "software" is more important than the computer itself. Our memory, if transferable, would provide us with a degree of immortality.

For thousands of years, humanity was at the top of the totem pole in terms of intelligence. Or so we think. Perhaps there is something else around us which we are unaware.

After all, it in only in the last few hundred years that we became aware of the invisible waves that are all around us which enable us to communicate. Go back 500 years and people would have said impossible.

Age old concepts and beliefs are being blasted. The next 20 years could see radical transformation in what is possible. Are some on this planet, younger ones, destined for a time when their minds (and maybe consciousness) surf through the cloud, being moved from one entity to another?


There are already projects in the works where AI systems are being created to basically clone those individuals. Tony Robbins, for example, is having AI trained to be able to mimic what he does.

Another example is Will-I-Am who is having his entire body replicated in a digital version. This will lead to a time when he can put on hundreds of concerts at one time, all individual as his clones entertain the fans.

What is real and what is not? This is going to be a major question as we go forward.

If we take these examples out a few generations, is it inconceivable that we could end up immortal, at least at the digital level?

Some food for thought.


I hope to be truly immortal )

We are really immortal. We existed before we were born on Earth (we born on Earth by our own decisions), and we will continue to exist after our physical human bodies dies. What people call "death" and "dying" is not really "death" and "dying". Just/only for our physical human bodies. But that is not we. "Death" and "dying" is actually a transition for us. Death does not really exists. The term "pass away" is more accurate, as it suggests that you move away from this world/dimension (to another).

I would like to recommend the website of NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation).

There are hundreds of NDEs (Near-Death Experiences) on the websites. Currently (on 2020.04.03, 18:45 CEST) there are 4769 NDEs on it, and the website is being constantly/regularly updated.

Click on the following link to see the current (recent) NDEs: Current NDEs.

To be honest, I believe we need not expand to deep into AI research. This technology, in the long run, will not benefit us in the sense of thinking of progress.

same is the case with crypto. They are the form of digital cash. And time may come when all other methods of payments except cryptocurrencies may become obsolete

This is true...but in the control of the government it won't be good.

could you imagine a world where consciousness is monetized and your life of physicality is dedicated towards enough assets for a digital past life security? there are many movies and stories that come to mind with this particular subject. We can only hope that people start taking better care of this world so that there may be a digital future at any rate.

Where should I found a fountain of youth to become immortal.

I would say that we are already connected to online world through the external smartphone device and most of us are always online. It is happening now.

Every thing that is created will not last forever, but the results of what is created will last for as long as the results created are still in use. if no one uses it will disappear over time.

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