How immortal am I?

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Immortality is possible?

While some biotech companies use the technique of 'cellular cleansing' to enhance the quality of life of humans, Unity Company goes on to transmit the blood plasma obtained from a young person's body into an old body. In the future, the human brain will be exposed to robots, but the question is can humans become immortal with the help of bionic chips?

Boris Rubinsky, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of California, has made this radical discovery that humans have been granted immortality. This is one of the most important scientific discoveries after cloning a lamb that can be mass-produced by cell chips. Don't be surprised if Borisbhai's chips are available in the market in the near future. More important than immortality, human beings can live forever and everlastingly.

With the help of Boris's bionic chip, ordinary humans will live with tinnitus. These revolutionary chips can be removed or replaced by diseased tissues inserted into a person's body.

It has taken Boris a full three years to develop this chip that is as tiny as one hundredth part of an inch . The University of California, which spends billions of dollars on this historic invention, is scared to upgrade its formula, so it has already applied for a patent. It is likely to begin commercial production of this monsoon remedy for survival and immortality soon.
On the other hand, in some countries of the world, scientists are experimenting to delay the process of aging. Some have even had partial success. A California researcher conducted a clinical trial on nine people. He placed these nine men on a combination of three medications, namely growth hormone and two different diabetes medications.
After one year of experiments it was discovered that this new person appeared to be two and a half to three years younger than his biological age. To confirm this and to be precise, the genome of this new person was extensively studied. The resistance of these individuals was also found to improve significantly.

However, no specific conclusions can be drawn from this experiment conducted on only nine people. Researchers also expressed the opinion that a cocktail of these drugs could slow down the aging process but could not be completely prevented. Nevertheless, this research is important in the direction of granting immortality to the individual.

Scientists at California University say that as a person gets older, the chemicals in the body change. Whose direct effect is reflected in DNA.

The world's wealthy are always craving that sickness - death will never come close to them. Numerous rich people spend billions on immortality. Many also resort to medication, asthma and surgery. Since ancient times, human beings have expressed a desire that the shadow of death never come close to it. You must have heard about that. King Yayati was given a thousand years by his son Puru.

In ancient Egypt, the corpses of the royal family were preserved and worked so that they could have a wonderful life even after death! In medieval Europe, physicians, chemists were robbing the rich with the excuse of longevity. This trend continues even in the present tense. Rich people who want the body to be destroyed, invest millions of rupees on long-lasting drug-surgery research. Everyone who is immortal is searching for nectar.

For example, the Trustees of the Allison Medical Foundation each year donate $ 400 million to help preserve longevity and medicine for aging. US Glenn of Venture Capital contributes $ 1 million a year. There is also a lot of research going on in the science of anniversary at universities like Howard, Princeton, MIT, Stanford. Some of these researchers have even claimed that by the time they were discovered, humans would be 3 years old when they turn 6 years old.

The billionaires of the world who are interested in immortality include Tesla's Elon Musk, Facebook board member Peter Thiel, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Google's Sergey Breen, and Larry Pade. Many such wealthy have opened up money bags for the production of anti-aging drugs. Against some biotechnology companies have waited for the death toll.

It is also acknowledging the fact that research from this biotech company has led to the discovery of effective anti-vaccine drugs. Recipes that are refreshing for more years of human youth are also missing. It is estimated that by 7 the world market of anti-aging drugs - Tonic will surpass the $ 50 billion mark.

Tesla's Alan Musk, a company called Neuralink, is developing a chip that can play an interface between the brain and the computer. The functioning of the brain and muscle (as well as other organs) in the old age can slow them down, keeping them alert, and strengthening.

As a result of some brain illness, a man who has become crippled will get a new life with this chip. This chip would be a kind of 'mind controlling device' that would work well for a young man. However, for now the Google-founded Calico company has had only modest success.

While some biotech companies use the technique of 'cellular cleansing' to enhance the quality of life of humans, Unity Company goes on to transform the blood plasma obtained from a young person's body into an aging body. Researchers at this company are mainly developing herbs that prevent aging-related illness and keep the body fresh at a very young age. The camp is also developing a drug that will repair the cells that are currently lying in the body and causing wreckage.

Importantly, experts doing research on 'immorality' have found some miracles. Such as the generic drug used for the treatment of type two diabetes, metformin (which costs only one rupee per tablet in India) leads to longevity. Similarly, the tensipamous used for immunosuppressants also slows down the process of house cells in the body.

However, some experts believe that finding a drug to reverse the aging will go a long way. So they support the opening of another revolutionary path. They talk about protecting the dead human brain or whole body with cryogenic technique. This technique has been used for over five decades.

About 300 men in the world have approved the offer to 'freeze' the body after its death. However the technique of preserving the body at extremely low temperatures is expensive in this way. It costs from £ 1.5 to £ 1.5 million. The company in Arizona, USA, has done a lot of work in this direction by building a cryogenic facility.

Although the most revolutionary of all researches is the technique. "Winterity." Or 'Virtual Eternity.' In this case, even after the person dies, his digital existence remains intact. Under this technique, a brain is scanned and copied only when it is alive. From which a brain prototype can be created. Although no such machine has been invented yet, it is different!

In the United States, Britain and Germany, research to gain longevity or to gain immortality has taken a toll, but Russia has gone a long way in this direction. Russian entrepreneur Etskov, the leader of a high-tech research project called 'Avatar', has offered immortality to the world's wealthiest. They claim that their service provider will personally look into the process of immortality .However, the fee figure has not been released.

Media entrepreneur Etskov is aiming to implant the human brain into a Robo body within five years, and he has hired two scientists to achieve this goal. You must have the ability to invest enough to become immortal .We have come very close to creating new technology. It's not a science fiction thing. It is in your hands to achieve this goal, says Etskov.

Etskov calls this project his 'Cybernetic Immortality' and 'Artificial Body'. He has approached several billionaires to fund this. It launched the social media project, opening an office in San Francisco and integrating with all the world's scientists.

Ituskov's official site details that his team is working to launch an international research center in which scientists will research and try to implant human consciousness in an artificial medium and achieve cybernetic immorality. If this research is successful, the person will be free from illness, old age and death.

Science has gained control over birth decades before. Now he has figured out a way to defeat Yamraj. Like birth, death will now be under human control. This will result in a tremendous ideological confrontation between thousands of worldly believers and atheists. To this day man was most afraid of death and illness. Atheists say that fear of death only leads people to temples, mosques and churches.
Rationalists argue that the threat of disease and death only makes believers first and then superstitious. According to him, most people worship God, not because of faith, but because of fear. The scientific blessings of youth, health, and immortality will definitely end the affection for atheists and rationalists in the minds of God's devotees as they are found in the bionic chip market.

There has been controversy over whether there is a God since the world was created. Believers have a hundred percent faith in the existence of God, but they cannot provide any proof of God's existence. On the contrary, the rationalists cannot give any solid proof that God is not God. They further consolidate their atheism by seeking scientific proof of the existence of God with believers. The essence of all this is that it is okay to extend this boon to human beings, but if the recipe for immortality is successful then there will be many upheavals in the society.
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