The Curious Case Of Penka The Cow.

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Immigration Law is pretty tough in European Union even for pregnant animals.

A pregnant cow from Bulgaria might have learned this the hard way after she accidentally strayed into neighboring Serbia, a non-EU territory. As a consequence, the poor cow will be put to death for entering Bulgaria from a non-EU country without proper import papers.

image from pixabay

Penka the cow was reported missing for 2 weeks after breaking away from her herd in Bulgarian village of Kopilovtsi. After weeks of searching, Ivan Haralampiev, the cow's owner was able to locate and retrieve his cow in Bosilegrad, Serbia.

Despite health clearance from a Serbian vet, the owner was told that Penka will be allowed to re-enter Bulgaria but will be culled in a matter of days.

Why? Because authorities need to comply to an EU law stating that certification must accompany the animals en route to the EU and when they are presented for entry into the EU at an approved EU Border Inspection Post.

If it lacks that certification, the animal must be put down.

What can you do? Well, you can help Penka and her baby by signing this petition that will hopefully touch the hearts of EU officials and give the cow a well deserved reprieve.

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Am so sorry for Penka the cow..

Wild laws are everywhere.