Africa Is Sending Us Its Best and Brightest

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If you're looking for a link to obliterate ideas of white privilege AND the xenophobic right, here you go.

Not too many are aware of the astounding success of African immigrants, particularly from Nigeria and other sub-Saharan shitholes.

These immigrants have college degrees at rates much higher than other immigrants and native born Americans. They also have higher labor participation rates, and commit less violent crimes than Americans born here.

Makes it hard to explain why being black holds you down in America, or why we should be taking immigrants from Europe instead.

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As it would turn out, judging people based on individual merit seems to be the best way to go. Not their skin color.


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But this doesn't fit the narrative!

Both the Alt-Right and Alt-Left are just as retarded and racist, just that the target is different. You don't want mass immigration from anywhere, even "better countries, as that still changes your way of life and doesn't guarantee an improvement; but you don't want to lock your country up, as you might be missing out on great people.

Judge people on their individual ideas and merits, not arbitrary characteristics that they cannot change. The SJWs' answer is "we're all the same".... well we're not ... It's obvious as I disagree with that, proving the statement wrong. The far-right's (and I actually mean the far-right, not what the mainstream media considers far-right) answer is "muh IQ". While the average is true, that does not say anything about an individual black person. I mean, Neil DeGrasse Tyson's IQ is way greater than all of the alt-right's talking heads combined.

100% Agreed with you . Upvote and followed

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