Erik the Younger -- Background For a Screenplay

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This, background for a screenplay, is inspired by Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir:

her program to bring AIDS vectors to Iceland and this image of just another night in the biggest nightclub in Iceland....

Recall, first, that during the same Icelandic Althing that adopted JudeoChristianity, it outlawed holmganga for the obvious reason that the "working class white males" would have called out the priests to go to the island with them for single combat in nature, and the kill ratio would have stopped JudeoChristianity, and civilization, in its tracks.

These "refugees" are protected by the same law that protected JudeoChristian priests, and civilization itself.

While JudeoChristianity civilized Iceland, it was a deal with the Devil as can be seen in the above photograph.

There will come a point when the young Icelandic men, tired of being treated as cowards by Icelandic women who see "immigrant" men as clearly dominant over the Icelandic men -- since Icelandic men never challenge them -- will realize that the contract upon which civilization was founded has been breached. At that point they'll do something to reinstate holmganga; even if in an "underground" sense.

Imagine this scenario:

A young Icelandic man, we'll call "Erik the Younger", deprived of a mate, with nothing to look forward to in the future but jerking off to internet porn, has the ancestry of Erik the Red. He,with 2 of his friends, enters a nightclub in Reykjavik and sees the above scene. Unlike most Icelandic young men, who have a sinking feeling at such a sight, this young man, rather than jerking off to internet porn, has been encountering interesting ideas on the internet -- such as posts by Jim Bowery going back for 20 some years in which Mr. Bowery has, many times, discussed holmganga as the appeal of last resort in dispute processing in the old Norse law. In accord with this alternative education about his culture, Erik the Younger walks up to the "refugee":

Erik: I see you're enjoying our famous Norse hospitality and beautiful women. Do you mind if I have a talk with you? Your life is in imminent danger.

Refugee: Whoa! That's not very hospitable!

Erik: On the contrary, I want to share with you a bit of our Icelandic culture, since you have obviously been deceived. It is only fair for a host to inform guests of the house rules and, unfortunately, you have been mislead by a false host: The Icelandic Government. The Icelandic Government had no business acting as your host.

Refugee: I think you should argue with the authorities about that.

Erik: What you call "the authorities" lost that authority long ago. So, are you interested in why your life is in danger or do you wish to simply die?

Refugee: Well, my friend, I suppose I should hear your story. Sit down.

Erik: Thank you.

(The girls are getting uncomfortable, experiencing conflicting emotions and it shows.)

Refugee: Would you like a drink? It's on me.

Erik: No thanks. What I have to say is sobering and should be related by someone who is sober.

(Refugee picks up drink and sips with a slight smirk.)

Erik: (smirks back) Our women are so beautiful because, for over 10,000 years, our culture killed men who were who were weak or dishonorable by permitting any man to challenge any other man to fight to the death in an isolated wilderness -- hunting each other as they would prey. Those men who would not accept a challenge would be declared a Nīþ.

Refugee: What is a "Nīþ"? And what has this to do with the beauty of these girls?

Erik: You will find out what a Nīþ is presently, but first I want to explain their beauty, which is more than skin deep.

(The girls are now having differing reactions: cynical contempt, wide-eyed wonder and burning hatred.)

Erik: Our men tended to hunt alone with their barely-domesticated wolf packs and had a very high mortality rate due to the dangers of winter hunting, sometimes hunting each other, one on one (with their packs), over hunting ground rights. Since a man in this climate can support no more than one mate and her children, and there were so few men, women had to vie with each other for the few good men who were able to survive. These men favored women of beauty, strength and character, for many hundreds of generations. When we became farmers, this was disrupted so we found it necessary to formalize natural duel in our old laws.

Refugee: In Africa, there are many men and women choose but a few, which is why your women and our men are natural mates!

(He smiles and the girls smile.)

Erik: Our opinions differ on this. So, we have a dispute! And now has come the moment of truth. Get your hands off those girls and leave Iceland.

The girls, having been educated by Hollywood movies to graduate from JudeoChristianity to Holocaustianity and its belief in Jews as the Innocent Victims of the World Bringing Light Unto the Nations, as well as seeing African men as subjected to abuse by "white" men due to slavery etc., begin laying into Erik the Younger for his "racism". One of them starts quoting from the latest movie about blacks living under Jim Crow laws. Another of them grabs the "refugee" by the crotch and, sneering at "Erik the Younger", tells him he must have a small dick -- which is why he's such a "Nazi". etc.

Erik the Younger smiles placidly at the girls and and then continues to look straight in the eyes of the "refugee" -- deadly serious.

The "refugee" knows that if Erik the Younger does anything violent, several bouncers will grab Erik the Younger he'll be thrown in prison by the JudeoChristian, er, I mean Holocaustian authorities of Iceland. Safe in the knowledge there is nothing Erik the Younger can do, the "refugee" tries to calm his girls down and even offer one of them to Erik the Younger -- as pimps do for their "friends" named "John". But Erik the Younger, remembering what Jim Bowery told him, doesn't accept the bribe.

Erik: Since you will not unhand these girls and leave Iceland, I hope you are enough of a man of honor to meet me 3 days from now, on the Sutsey Island, each of us equipped with blade not to exceed 25cm and 15m of strong cordage -- you entering from the Syrtlingur side of the island and I from the Jolnir side of the island. One of us, at most, will leave. My friends will assure that both of us are equally equipped, and will transport us to our respective sides of the island. No observers -- no "seconds" as in code duello -- no one but you and I and the Goðs. The survivor, if one there be, will also be equipped with rescue flare to call to be returned to the mainland. If either of us does not show for departure to Sutsey at the appointed time and place, he will be declared a Nīþ. Anyone may kill a Nīþ in any manner at any time without incurring dishonor. If one of us calls to be rescued but the other is still alive, that coward will be declared a Nīþ.

The girls and "refugee" then report the "Nazi gang threat" to the authorities who come to question Erik the Younger and his friends -- who deny everything -- but word gets around to other young men in Iceland.

Later, the "refugee" turns up missing.

No one can prove anything.

Other young men in Iceland start making a similar challenge -- not all relying on the same natural wilderness area so as to avoid being caught defending their honor. World wide news agencies pick up on the "Resurgence of Naziism in Iceland", and try to make it appear gangs of Icelandic men are roving around killing refugees 'seeking a better life in Iceland'. However, the internet news feeds provide details of the procedure called "Natural Duel" described by Bowery as a substitute for the murky history of "Holmganga" recorded by JudeoChristian monks. Other young men in Scandinavia begin pursuing the same remedy.

As the "authorities" start cracking down on these "Nazis", they, too, are issued challenges to Natural Duel by the young men that the "authorities" are throwing into prisons to be raped by HIV-infected gangs of "refugees" for "Hate".

To be continued, but you can see where this is leading...

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