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The IMF Push For Universal Basic Income (UBI)

When I first heard about the UBI I was thinking it could be an effective strategy to stymie rebellion and social unrest as the middle-class disappear and poverty swell in numbers.

This report from points to IMF documents that reveals much.
The IMF calls this "tackling inequality", I question if it may be doing so by making everyone poor.

While some inequality is inevitable in a marketbased economic system, excessive inequality can erode social cohesion, lead to political polarization, and ultimately lower economic growth. This Fiscal Monitor discusses how fiscal policies can help achieve redistributive objectives. It focuses on three salient policy debates: tax rates at the top of the income distribution, the introduction of a universal basic income, and the role of public spending on education and health.

I get the sense that the next crisis being engineered is fast approaching.

Tell me what you think.

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The UBI is totally about recreating the feudal system world-wide. Not to mention that the money would come out of the accounts already created in our all-caps corp names that are funded when we are registered as chattel to the FED at birth. Thanks for posting this! Great info.

Indeed @dakini5d
The international monetary (IMS) empire is debt based fraud.

We are living in a feudal system. UBI is about ending it. UBI is unconditional. You receive it with no strings attached. That means you can tell feudal lords to go fuck themselves. Think about it. Apply logic. Consider existing evidence. Are seniors worse off thanks to their Social Security checks? Why or why not?