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RE: The International Banking Cabal Exposed: PART III - The IMF & World Bank

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Dan, also wanted to ask you about my possibly making one large post on your work here and transferring any cryptocurrency made on the post to you, as I believe this global banking material you have put together needs much more exposure than its currently getting. I may be able to help in a small way with a post on it. If you would allow it, then I will stipulate in the post that any cryptocurrency derived form sharing your work directly would be transferred to you by myself. The after 6 days will transfer the funds to you. Let me know what you think. I will stake my reputation upon the trust that I hope you would place upon me for such. Kind regards.


Dear Christopher, thank you very much for this kind offer. I trust you and am totally for it, as my main objective is to spread it as far and wide as possible. But would only ask that you keep the reference of me @libertyacademy being its author so I can also get more followers. To make it easier to repost, perhaps you can tell me your email address and I can send you the "Steemit HTML Code" (sorry, I don't know what it is called) for all four parts and the pictures if need be. Part IV is now posted which completes the series! Just let me know. And thanks again for your kind offer.

Hi Dan, sorry about the little late reply. Thanks for accepting the request. I will gladly make sure that you are given full credit at the beginning and end of the post plus I will include a copy of this convo as a screenshot so that others can see I have permission from you to share your excellent work. My email is [email protected] I was thinking of having the post include the top sections of all four posts and then linking to the other material for each separate post so that it makes it easier for people to access it all plus bring you the attention you deserve for it. Then I will share widely here, on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. Thus, there would be three credits to you for the material. One up top, one at bottom, plus the screenshot. Kind regards.

Christopher, once again sorry for the delay. I just emailed you the files. Let me know if you didn't receive them. Please let me know when you've posted it on your Steemit blog. Have a great day!

Thanks Dan, been working on some new White Helmets posts due to this latest false flag provocations so been a bit busy, but planning to move on it soon. Kind regards. Chris

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