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Download iMessage for Windows & Android

To Download iMessage, click on the download links below

Download - Android
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Are you searching for a way on how to use iMessage on your windows PC? Search no further because we have developed something for you.

imessage pc

iMessage for Windows

When you have iMessage for PC, you can be able to send and also receive unlimited iMessages from your PC to other window based PCs for free.

But are there boundaries when using iMessage?

There are no boundaries when using this version. In fact, you can do everything that you can do on Apple version. You can send images, text messages, videos, locations, contracts and much more.

iMessage for Android

Most Apple users are familiar with iMessage. The application offers you an opportunity to send free stuff such as photos, text messages, and videos to any person using an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac.

If the application works perfectly but it has an error, it is very possible to communicate with all Apple devices. This means family relatives and friends who are using Android or OS cannot contribute in these conversations. But there is imessage app for Android users. It is made to help you guys.

iMessage Android works just like the official imessage, however, only on your Android device. With the app, you will have a chance to communicate with all other Android and iOS devices users who are using our app for the official version.

More about iMessage

In iMessage, you will have a chance to send and receive MMS, SMS, and iMessages. By reading this article, you will be able to know more about sending and deleting messages. By reading answers to frequently asked questions, you will also know more on the use of the application.

Are there any difference between MMS, SMS and iMessage?

MMS and SMS consist of text message and photos. In addition, they can be sent to mobile phones and other devices. But when using iMessage, you will be able to send a text message, images, and videos on all iOS devices or Mac computers for free via Wi-Fi. If you are using mobile data, charges may still apply.

How do someone send or receive SMS, MMS or iMessages?

If you want to send SMS, MMS or iMessage, the following items are needed. When sending SMS or MMS, a package that allows the use of the service is needed. You can contact your carrier for those details.

But if you want to send iMessage, an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is all you need. All you need is to enable your Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Coming Soon To iMessage For PC

Soon we will feature full integration with StealthGenie and mSpyWant to find out what someone close to you is discussing and sharing on iMessage for windows

Both StealthGenie and mSpy, two of the leading spyware manufacturers, now offer you the capability to spy on all content shared on iMessage for PC, Apple’s popular messenger app.

Spy cell phone tracker Reviews

If you are a parent who would like to monitor your child’s internet activities or a spouse who has questions about a partner’s faithfulness, having the ability to view what is being shared on iMessage (and other platforms) may prove to be well worth the investment in one of these spy phone software packages.

What is iMessage?

Apple Inc., in keeping with their reputation as one of the leading innovators in computing and communication, has developed a messaging system designed to work with their devices, such as the iPhone and iPad.The iMessage app is one of the most widely used messenger apps available – in 2012, it was reported that more than 300 billion messages had been sent using iMessage and that there are, on the average, some 28,000 messages being sent every second.

That’s a lot of messages! iMessage does more than send text messages, however – users are also able to share videos, photos, documents and group messages. This makes iMessage For Windows a powerful and flexible communication system, and, best of all, the system costs nothing to use. In fact, the use of standard text messaging and SMS has dropped significantly over the past couple of years, and it is widely assumed that this is because of the increasing use of iMessage and other messenger apps like it. Millions of young people are using iMessage as their preferred method of communicating with their peers, but the app is quite popular with adults, as well. It’s easy to use and it combines several functions into one system that costs nothing to use – it’s no wonder that iMessage has become one of the main ways we communicate with each other these days. What are StealthGenie and mSpy?

StealthGenie and mSpy are two of the most advanced spyware products on the market, with thousands of users around the globe. Spyware (or spy phone software) is a program that can be downloaded and installed onto a targeted smartphone or tablet without the user’s knowledge. Once installed, the program monitors the activity of the targeted phone, collecting and storing all the data associated with its use. This can include phone call info, text content, multimedia content, SMS and email content and GPS location info.

Each brand of spyware offers different features and compatibility with various types of smartphones.

Most spyware packages include similar basic features, such as GPS location, email monitoring, phone call monitoring, etc., but each of the major spyware companies (such as StealthGenie and mSpy) offer advanced features that vary from product to product.

StealthGenie and mSpy are among the very few spyware companies that offer iMessage monitoring, and this is one of the reasons both of these programs are so widely purchased.StealthGenie and mSpy both have a reputation for staying ahead of the curve, with new features and updates being constantly added to their respective products.Why do I need iMessage Spy?

Since iMessage is so commonly used, a lot of vital information about a person may be exchanged using the app. If you have questions about a person’s intimate life and personal secrets, having the ability to intercept and monitor iMessage content can be very useful in getting the answers you need.Parents

Children have readily embraced the new technologies available, often leaving their parents far behind in terms of the usage and understanding of platforms such as iMessage For PC. It’s a ‘brave new world’ and although modern communication technology is useful and valuable, it’s also fraught with dangers for kids. Although teens may be quite adept at using their smartphones and all the apps available these days, they may not have the maturity and judgment to make wise decisions regarding them.

At the very least, many teens simply spend too much time on their smartphones, chatting with friends, sharing music videos, etc. Often schoolwork begins to suffer, or the child doesn’t get the sleep he or she needs to function properly.

But there are other dangers associated with the use of smartphones, social networks and messenger platforms, some of them far more serious. Cyberbullying has become an epidemic, and too many teens have fallen victim to online bullying – some have even taken their own lives after being tormented by peers. This is a very tragic reality that many parents have had to face and it’s very important to make sure your children are not the object of cyberbullying activity – or, for that matter, engaged in bullying some other child themselves. Another frightening reality for parents is the prevalence of sexual predators online.

There have been many cases reported of pedophiles masquerading as other children, using the anonymity that the Internet affords to get close to their victims. This disturbing trend is one of the best reasons for a parent to decide to begin monitoring their child’s online activities.

Children are growing up too fast, it seems – many parents who have opted for installing spyware onto their child’s smartphone have been shocked to find out the extent of their sexual awareness and activity. “Sexting” and other online sex-related activity is far more common than most adults imagine. Many parents now feel that the use of spyware to monitor their children’s online activity is an essential parenting tool. The invasion of privacy issue takes a back seat to the safety and protection of the child in question. Spouses and Partners

There are few things in life more disturbing than suspecting, but not knowing for sure, whether or not a spouse or partner is being unfaithful. Sleepless nights, agonizing doubts, fearing the worst while hoping it’s not true – anyone who has experienced this knows how difficult it can be. There can be any number of signs – from a lipstick smudge to an unexplained but noticeable change in behavior. Perhaps he is coming home late from the office more often than usual. Maybe she is dressing differently and spending more time with ‘friends’. Sometimes it’s just an unexplainable feeling or hunch.

No matter what the feelings or evidence, no one wants to confront their spouse or partner with unfounded accusations or questions that may simply receive a dishonest answer. Sure, you could hire a private detective – if you can afford it – but even that may not reveal the truth.

If your spouse or partner is being unfaithful, there’s a very strong likelihood that there will be evidence on his or her smartphone. iMessage For Windows and apps like it are perfect for concealing an affair, but with a spy app that can infiltrate these platforms, you’ll be able to finally uncover what’s really going on.If you are ready to get answers once and for all, StealthGenie and mSpy are among the most effective spyware packages around. You’ll not only have access to all iMessage content but also to emails, phone call info, GPS location and much more.

As a company owner or manager, it’s important to know whether or not your employees are maintaining productivity. It’s also crucial to know that they are not sharing confidential company data with others. If you issue smartphones to your employees, you have the right to monitor what they are being used for. Profit margins are slim in a tight economy and you need to know if your workers are wasting valuable company time chatting with friends or family while on the clock. Also, corporate espionage is more common than ever, and it is foolish to assume that all your employees are being honest.

You can’t afford to take risks with your employees – monitoring iMessage and another activity is one of the easiest and most effective ways.iMessage for PC Spy features from StealthGenie and mSpyBoth StealthGenie and mSpy offer the same basic features for monitoring iMessage. With both spyware programs you’ll be able to:

1) View all texts sent on iMessage

  1. View contact information (IM names and numbers)
  2. View timestamp info (date and time of messages sent and received)Other StealthGenie and mSpy features

StealthGenie and mSpy are two of the most downloaded spyware packages on the market and for good reason. Both offer the basic features you’d expect from any good spyware package: call monitoring, email monitoring, SMS monitoring, multimedia content monitoring, GPS location and more. Both StealthGenie and mSpy also offer unique advanced features that differ slightly from one another and from the other spy phone software packages available for download.

Both companies have a very good track record in terms of functionality – they really work and deliver what they promise – and both have a reputation for excellent customer support and service. Both StealthGenie and mSpy offer a money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with either product, you’ll receive a full refund.

Download - Android
Download - Windows

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