I admit it, I was wrong! The Trending Page Does Suck and it is YOUR Fault.

in imannoyed •  6 months ago


The voting bots are being abused and nobody is watching. It doesn't take many people to flag and comment to break the cycle of bad behavior.

I don't care that you don't earn on downvotes. Tell that to any business person and they will laugh in your face.

In restaurants, hotels and anywhere else, owners and stakeholder use their funds to keep the place clean.

Put some eyes on the site and use your stake to clean this up! Or don't.


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The basic need for now @whatsup many are leaving as their post not curated...i m doing my best to share something with all i come across


I'm not that concerned with those who leave because they can't make free money.


I'm not that concerned
With those who leave because they
Can't make free money.

                 - whatsup

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