How to become an illustrator?

Technique of work

The first thing you want to really advise is to decide which technology you would like to work with. I am very sorry that at one time I had no one to suggest that illustrating is not always easy to draw. To learn more, about illustrator visit website

Sometimes you understand that it would be no less interesting to make illustrations from plasticine, paper or in the form of a collage with elements of a drawing, but already a rather thick portfolio with works made in a certain style and in a previously chosen technique had accumulated in the bosom, a certain circle of clients appeared Expect the output of work in the style that is presented in the portfolio. I do not want to drastically change everything, but gradually weaving in new elements is a very laborious task.

Often the situation of “just drawing” is worsened by the fact that from somewhere a whole darkness of people appears, who suddenly paint with the same lines, similar colors and similar textures. And God forbid, if this person becomes more famous on some part of the path than the source - in his own career a cross can be put and not worth it (I really shouldn't bring such joy to insolent people), but they worry about a lot of strength.

Even if, in a situation of complete copying by a stranger of your style, you understand that your illustrations differ from others in a special approach to the process of creating works, in a special handwriting and with some characteristic details, the fact remains that very much depends on the individuality and uniqueness of the technique.

A special, inimitable technique, which, moreover, will be honed over the years - is already half of the whole thing. I understand that there is no point in approaching the issue of choosing a technique methodically: what is required in the market, what is most in demand, in what technique works the least of all illustrators - so that there is less competition, but much still needs to be taken into account.

Not only can the situation on the market change dramatically - today the vector is fashionable, and tomorrow everyone will run around plasticine illustrations, I also want to do what I love all my life, work the way I like, stay true to myself, but find a middle ground that takes into account market requirements and own expectations of life would still be nice.

Those days have long passed when people trained in all the canons of classical painting walked into the illustrators, and this is great! The field of activity of a modern illustrator is so large that there is no need to concentrate only on the ability to illustrate in the traditional way.

How to choose your work technique? Just try! Try everything you can:

  • an illustration of plasticine
  • paper illustration
  • illustration using homemade dolls
  • embroidery on fabric or paper
  • collage
  • straw inlay
  • works in ink, watercolor, acrylic, pencils
  • illustrations in computer programs like Photoshop, Painter or Illustrator
  • illustrations using mixed media - drawing, collage and computer post-processing.

At the very beginning of the way it is better not to make hasty decisions, not to tie your hands with some kind of separate technique for the performance of work. On my own experience, I was faced with the fact that there is nothing wrong with the diversity of techniques and styles, while we are talking about preparing for a professional activity.

Creative experiments are one of the most important moments in the maturing of a good illustrator. I myself have tried a lot of everything: working with ink, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, pencil and whitewash on a dark background, working with raster in the style of graphics of the 20-30s in graphic programs, working with raster in a more realistic manner, drawing dolls and doodles, illustrations in vector programs. Only having tried a bunch of all sorts of techniques, I came to my current style of work, although, frankly, I don’t have the feeling that he was fully formed, as long as it seems to me that I’m changing from illustration to illustration, although I already have some fine techniques.

I am not the first to advise novice illustrators to check which technique is more appropriate to their own nature, but why should you check yourself and try? If the feed goes to a horse, and you have collected at least 10 jobs in a rather short time in the chosen technique, and you don’t get tired of sculpt them - you can at least temporarily stop on the selected technique and go to the second step of the algorithm - think you would like to become an illustrator.

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