The Incredible Ogre - Coloring Digitally.

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It's a good day guys! How have you been?

I started off my drawing by making the eyes first, then I worked around it and started drawing everything.


Just the basic line-art all in pencil. I made sure to make my strokes light just in case I make a mistake and needed to erase it. Frequent erasures may ruin the drawing later on especially if the materials you have aren't that of a high quality.


I added a few more details and weight on the lines and added more wrinkles to his body overall. I did the darkest shading for this drawing first.


After that, I added more details especially the smaller lines and wrinkles on his face and clothes, as well as on the body.


Here's a better photo:


The last step for this drawing is to smudge the pencils a bit to give the shading a more realistic look.


Bonus Round!

This is the bonus round of this post - I made my drawing into Digital Art like what I did with my Lawliet drawing.

I started with fixing the images brightness and contrast a bit:


Then I played with the shadows and highlights as well as the midtones:


I used the cutout effect to make the lines and colors more simple and easier to work with:


Then, I cleaned up the background of my drawing.


I started coloring it - I made the theme Incredible Hulk - he looks like an ancient hulk ogre.


I colored in the rest of the greens - specifically the one around the eyes.


Added some reds in the mix:


lastly, I finished with purple - for his pants and mask. Now, he looks like this:


Thank you s much for reading my post and viewing my artwork - I hope to share more of this to you everyday.


Uberfantastish, Brother. You’ve got the talent.
Checking out your other works!

Stunning work really appreciating

Thanks a lot for your nice comment 😊.

Great piece... love to see more.
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Thank you @romaan-namoor 😊. Followed you too.

Fantastic! Nice to be in contact ;)

The time you put in too this drawing is appreciated. Keep up the good the good work 👍🏼

Thank you @newyorkdude 😊. Im really glad you like it.

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Thanks man 😊.

Wow its good
Very cool drawing
Keep it up

Very cool art!
Like it very much!
Upvote, and repost!

Now caught up in flashbacks to the old school Warcraft computer game (not WoW).

this is awesome ^^
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