Restoration and Photo-Composition Loretta-dolls

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Actress Loretta Young

Restoration and Photo composition



Program: Phothoshop

Selection of the image

  • Step 1. Select image with pen or selection box create a layer
    Select pink flesh color and apply it on the layer.

  • Step 2. Opacity to 60% of the selected layer in order to clarify the tone of the skin and look more natural

  • Step 3. Create layer mask then select black and brush diffused, with opacity at 37% approx. with the purpose of eliminating the skin color of the hair, background and clothing.

  • Step 4. Group all the layers.


  • Step 5. Once again the hair selection tool is placed, a new layer is created to paint it brown.

  • Step 6. Opacity of the selection to 60% of the selected layer.

  • Step 7. Create a layer mask to eliminate the edges that delimit the hair from the rest of the image, in turn the eyes are defined even more.

  • Step 8. Group layers

  • Step 9. Select Layer Style ---> Liquify Filter
    Enlarge eyes, reduce nose and mouth and then drag to generate the effect of melting.

  • Step 10. Blurred brush with opacity at 23% and follow the natural tones of the photograph, painting over them with selected colors to define the features, details of the face.



Finally the image was arranged in a new file where it was unified with an old frame and worn wood in contrast to the apparent fleshlessness of the woman.

Wood Source

Marco Source




Until the next post! I hope you liked it.



Very cool and interesting artwork, @indianapatt! Nicely done!