Illuminati Super Bowl 2018 Half Time Show & Event Exposed. What You Need to Know...

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Illuminati Super Bowl 2018 Half Time Show & Event Exposed. What You Need to Know...

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Film Summary

Every year the Illuminati put on their bread and circus game, the Super Bowl. The NFL was founded by Walter Camp and Amos Alonzo Stagg (Skull and Bones = Illuminati) and much like the Coliseum of Rome, the modern day NFL stadiums are used to distract the masses from reality. This is the elite giving us bread and circuses while these satanic pedophiles have rituals performed in our face and poison the planet while enslaving and surveying everyone.

Points most people forget:

  1. The Super Bowl is a massive human trafficking event, and it is actually one of the worst times for that crime around.

Human Trafficking and the Super Bowl:

  1. The actual Illuminati in America, Skull & Bonesman Walter Camp and Amos Alonzo Stagg founded the bread and circuses aka the NFL.

  2. The New World Order Police state always rolls out their new surveillance and screening tech for the game, mainly to see how the public will lie down and accept it for "security" cause boogeymen created by the very government itself may attack. It is fear porn and they are using it for their own agenda.

  3. The Halftime show is always a big satanic ritual, and this year was no different.

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As big of a football fan that I am, this represents everything wrong with us as a country. I mean with the cheap seats being thousands of dollars, how many actual football fans go? We have to sit here and see this ritual in the form of a halftime show and we're called crazy for pointing out the symbolism used. And like you say, the game is meaningless. It's exciting for one day, and then everyone is thinking about next season.


Yeah I am a big Patriots fan, one of my few things I still watch to get my mind off things but, you know you can't. There is this crap in everything. Like my favorite show is Grand Tour, which is Jeff Bezos run now and I am making a film about how evil Amazon and Google is so. Truth is not always a fun thing.


It's definitely not. I introduced my wife to pizzagate and she told me while she sees the evidence and realizes that it's all true, she hates to even think about it because of how horrible the truth is. I remember in a previous video you mentioning your amazon and google documentary. I'm really looking forward to that. Thanks for all the hard work you put in!

Its a great sport video. i am a very big football fan. this is a great video

Thanks am gonna give a trail.

That is amazing!!

Amazing information. I will be watching for more of your posts on stories we only hear from the top side!

really the Super Bowl is a massive human trafficking event
and nice to know soem new things and infromations from you thanx for good video and talk on it and give your reviews about some new onformations @titusfrost


Yeah, see the article I added to the description or google it. However it is. One of the worst annually. Thanks for the comment.

new surprising post. i like any type of sport. This is amazing video thanks for share

@titusfrost your film summery is awesome . i really appreciate to your post

Good job Titus. I admire your tenacity. I've been making my own blogs about pizzagate, pedogate, Freemasonry and Satanism. They are all tangled together in one evil twisted mess...
God bless brother

Thanks for sharing...
Uovote and Resteemed.....

Have your read Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier?
It's available on the CIA web site

Hi Titus Frost, My name is Mark. I have just started a steemit account and watched your youtube videos. I fucking loved it and look up to you. I would like to take you up on your offer. I need your help and would love to be your protajay. Sorry spelling not my strong point. So like you said on your video that you would be more then willing to show hows it done. Like a pro, lol. I dont no if this was the right way to bet hold of you. As you can see i would love you help. Well hope to hear from you soon. Your a legend