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Maybe there's an important message hidden here, but it seems somehow "symmetrical" that I have been battling a mind-numbing head cold for the past 48 hours, at a time when I was also needing to be relatively sharp headed so I could crunch a lot of numbers.

I'm done with the number crunching (thank goodness!) while the head cold persists. Pretty much feels like the inside of my head is filled with cold oatmeal.

A random branch in the sun...

I don't get sick very often — it has probably been a couple of years since the last time I felt like this — and I'm typically a pretty lousy "patient." At least that's what Mrs. Denmarkguy says...

I Missed My "Birthday..."

I just realized that yesterday marked my 2nd anniversary of joining Steemit... and I was too busy to notice!

But I guess that might be a good thing, as you were saved from some long self-indulgent screed about the ups and downs of our little bubble in the cryptosphere.

Suffice it to say, there have definitely been some "ups" and some "downs." To be honest, I'm not entirely sure where we are in the cycle, at the moment.

The only thing I can offer is that I like it enough here that I hope to celebrate a third anniversary here, next year.

Longevity is a scarce commodity on the web... and in all fairness, one of the things I actually like about Farcebook is that it is still there, after my having put up with it for thirteen years. The only things I have that are older is a blog from 1999 and my original AOL mail account from 1996...

At least we had a pretty sunset...

Of Cats and Dogs...

"A dog is man's best friend," the saying goes.

For the past couple of days, I have moved around the house quite a bit... from my home office, to laying on the couch, to sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and soup... and I have to admit that it has been my cat Shadow who has followed me everywhere as I moved around, while Daisy (or dog) has pretty much been anchored to her bed, or "her" couch.

I guess there's a reason Shadow got his name... score one for the cats, on this one.

Time for me to dose myself up on cough meds and try to get some sleep.

Thanks for reading this snarky post!

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I guess there's a reason Shadow got his name... score one for the cats, on this one.

Uhm, I suspect it's about time you change that catnip fragrance on your cologne. LoL

Get well soon my dear friend!! :)

I Missed My "Birthday..."
how did you manage that?
I turned 68 an hour ago.
I tried to miss it but couldn't.

Dammit Man...! I read your title, it made me want to make some Oatmeal with brown sugar, & peanut butter toast..... then i read your description about a head full of cold oatmeal (SNOT).

Nahhh, not hungry now...... lol

FarceBook & AOL..... And the old Yahoo messenger with the talking emoticons.

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