Brace for IMPACT...The Storm Is Here, We Have Been Warned, Prepare Now - Episode 1654b

in illegals •  5 months ago

68% of voters are against illegal immigrants coming into the country. Federal Judge says that Obama's DACA rule is illegal. Russia to stop carrying astronauts to the space station. The FBI arrests 5 of the New Mexico terrorist compound. CIA admits to infiltrating America via civilian jobs. Q drops more breadcrumbs and says to prepare for impact. The new is about to drop and the people of the US are going to be shocked. The deep state might retaliate using their Horizon program. Prepare now and be ready.

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Hi Dave, it might be time to go over what the 'evil' deep state wants. As Sun Tzu said "know your enemy and know yourself and you need not fear a hundred battles". The EDS wants power and control...they can always print money so that is not a concern, or is it? If the ability to create money out of thin air is their primary strength how do you turn that strength into a weakness? The more money they print via sovereign debt creation, the more likely those sovereign debts will go bad. Think of it as musical chairs. the music keeps playing so long as the money keeps getting printed, but the longer the music plays more chairs are being removed from the game. If you are the EDS you want to make sure that at the minimum you have a chair for yourself and your minions. So how do you beat the EDS at this game? By removing some chairs, setting other chairs on fire, and spreading tacks on all remaining chairs except the one you are already sitting on. The EDS wanted chairs in China, those chairs are on fire. So the only option the EDS has at the moment is to keep the music playing until they figure out where they can sit.

Antifa is going to find out the hard way that the American Militia has NO PATIENCE for terrorist .

Is "Q", "V"? lol

~ your thoughts, Brother Dave . . .