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Thank you from all my heart for listing my post in your curator's choice! <3
I feel very honored and I am super happy you like it! :)

I hope you all have a lot of fun listening to the songs!

And the other posts sound just amazing! I am excited to read them! :)

Much love, Linda :)


Very well deserved! I just read your article now and oh boy there is some great music! I used to listen to any kind of music for hours and hours myself and feel the passion you have.

Wow, thank you from all my heart! :)
Your words are very encouraging dear @mammasitta! :) <3
I am so gald you like the music I shared and I appreciate your praise very much, really! :)
How great to meet a fellow music lover! So nice you feel the passion and share it! :)

All the best <3

Honesty can be read; Keep up the passion.

I will do so, thank you so much for encouraging me in such a wonderful way :) <3

Wishing you the best!

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