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I know you have heard and agree to a popular saying that a man that asks questions never misses his way. This is true but not in all cases. A man can ask questions and still miss his way.


The point is, if you ask a person that doesn't know the right way but know a way, he will direct you to a way, howbeit the wrong way. Eventually you will still miss your way since no one can give what he doesn't have. So, you can still miss your way even if you ask questions.

A major challenge of living in an era where there is appreciable proliferation of information as we have now, is the possibility of being led into wrong and dangerous outcomes totally different from what you intended when you got on a journey in an attempt to seek answers to life's major questions both those that concerns you directly and otherwise.


You see, they are those stationed at portals to knowledge whose goal isn't to stop you from seeking information but to cleverly divert your attention to something dangerous. These people are great authors with many books and reputable orators.

You may have heard of people that had strange encounters that utterly changed them to strange people that even they themselves couldn't recognize anymore after reading some materials or listening to some people speak.

I believe seeking for answers in a wrong place through a wrong channel can be more dangerous than ignorance.