Knowing everything is impossible

in ignorance •  2 years ago 

It is quite impossible for a human to understand everything and anything. Every human is unique and different, for some understanding one thing, situation, questions and problems can be easy and for others it turns out to be an arduous task. You can not understand anything at once, to understand you must first become an ignorant of great deal. You do not have to feel hesitant just because someone knows something better than you, you only see the end result of that person but you do not see the hard work and effort of that person. He would have been an ignorant first before becoming master in that particular field. We should realise that everyone in this world are ignorant except for those who know their ignorance. You can not learn everything in this world but knowing this is the highest form of wisdom. One person can become an expert of one or two fields but he can not become an expert of everything. So, he only knows the partial reality of this world which is enough for him to live in this world but he can not claim of knowing everything. We should put this thing in our mind and we should flush out our fear of being judged by someone just because we do not know something. May be you know something that other person do not know, therefore play on your strengths and not on your weaknesses.

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